Chromaline AccuInk Cartridges For Epson 1430 Printers All Black System


Use these sets of All Black Ink cartridges in your Epson printer, and when used in conjunction with your RIP software, creating high quality film positives becomes less expensive and much easier than ever before. Why waste expensive color ink, when black is the only ink needed for printing film positives? Save yourself some money and switch to this system. These cartridges are filled with UV blocking dye based ink that produces excellent film positives.


  • Black Slot 18ML
  • Cyan Slot 18ML
  • Magenta Slot 18ML
  • Yellow Slot 18ML
  • Light Cyan Slot 18ML
  • Light Magenta Slot 18ML
  • Full Set C, M, Y, K, LC, LM
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  • Dye-based for the deepest black
  • UV-blocker added to improve stencil washout
  • A perfect match with Chromaline’s AccuJet & AccuBlack films
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  • (18ML) Yellow
  • (18ML) Black
  • (18ML) Light Cyan
  • (18ML) Light Magenta
  • (18ML) Magenta
  • (18ML) Cyan

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