Printers Choice 6″ Medium Tack Application Tape Roll – for Vinyl Sign Graphics

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Experience unparalleled ease and accuracy in graphic applications with Printers Choice Medium Tack Application Tape. Crafted to cater to both experts and enthusiasts, this application tape embodies convenience, dependability, and precision.



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Printers Choice Medium Tack 6” Wide Application Tape Roll Key Features:

  • Crystal Clear Transparency: Printers Choice brings you a medium application tape with a remarkable clear film, ensuring effortless alignment and positioning of graphics. Bid farewell to guesswork and embrace consistently precise placements.
  • Embossed Surface: The embossed texture of the application tape curbs static cling, guaranteeing a controlled and smooth unrolling experience. This innovative feature safeguards your graphics from wrinkles, bubbles, or distortion during the transfer.
  • No Printed Grid Liner: Printers Choice Medium Application Tape is designed without a printed grid liner, allowing you to focus solely on aligning and positioning your graphics without any distractions. This streamlined design accelerates the application process significantly.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re handling vinyl graphics, decals, lettering, or intricate designs, this application tape accommodates various materials and designs flawlessly. A must-have for sign makers, graphic artists, and crafters.
  • Superior Transfer Performance: With Printers Choice, expect nothing less than a secure transfer of your graphics from the release liner to the target surface. The adhesive firmly secures the graphics and releases effortlessly without leaving any residue.
  • Generous Roll Size: Measuring 6″ x 100 Yards, this roll offers an abundance of application tape, catering to projects of diverse sizes. Enjoy reduced roll changes and uninterrupted workflow with this ample supply.

Elevate your graphic application process with Printers Choice Medium Application Tape. Regardless of your experience level, this tape ensures professional-grade results minus the complexity. Align graphics flawlessly and relish the convenience and precision that Printers Choice Medium Application Tape guarantees.

Order your Printers Choice tape today and revolutionize your approach to graphic applications. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this application tape will swiftly become your trusted ally. Wave goodbye to alignment challenges and welcome the accuracy and convenience that Printers Choice brings to every project.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Roll Width: Up to 60 inches
  • Roll Length: 100 yards
  • Backing: Polypropylene
  • Adhesive Type: Rubber
  • Total Thickness: 3.9 mils (.10 mm)
  • Tensile Strength: 15 lb/in (66 N/25mm)
  • Elongation: 665%
  • Adhesion: 7 oz/in (1.9 N/25mm) @ 90°
  • Color: Clear
  • Width: 6″

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