IColor™ 560 Toner Cartridge EXT Yield


Introducing the Unified Toner Cartridges for the iColor 560. These cartridges are designed specifically for the UniNet iColor 560 Laser Printer, offering replacements for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and Fluorescent White toner cartridges.

Experience the IColor® 560 toner cartridge with Extended Yield, providing an impressive 7,000 pages of printing capacity.




IColor™ 560 toner cartridge EXT Yield Key Features:

  1. Effortless Replacement: Designed for quick and easy replacement, the iColor™ 560 toner cartridge boasts an integrated toner and drum cartridge system, streamlining the replacement process.
  2. Vivid and Precise Color: When used in combination with the iColor PRORIP software, the cartridge delivers excellent and accurate color reproduction, ensuring your prints exhibit vibrant hues and precise details.
  3. Extended Yield: These replacement cartridges feature an Extended (EXT) yield rating, capable of printing up to 7,000 pages, offering a longer-lasting solution for your printing needs.

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