Matsui Stretch White 301 Water Base Screen Printing Ink


Matsui Stretch White 301 is a direct print and mixing white for “performance” and high stretch fabrics that can be mixed with “Matsui Neo Pigments” to achieve an extremely soft hand hand and excellent elasticity.



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  • Easy to mix and print
  • Can be used as a mixing white with Neo Pigments up to 15%
  • Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications
  • Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve
  • Excellent elasticity, great on Dri-fit performance fabrics
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, CPSIA and HR4040 Compliant
  • Is “PVC Free” and environmentally safe

Technical Specifications


Print through fine screen mesh up to 160 mc in (120 mc cm) when cured at 320°F (160°C), Stretch White 301 produces the softest prints achievable in textile screen printing today.

Special Recommendations:

  • Matsui Ready For Use Colors should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixing blades and utensils.  Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make ready for use colors test positive for restricted PVC’s.
  • Matsui Ready For Use Colors can be dry cleaned or ironed
  • Use Retarder MG 1-5% to help with open time in the screen
  • Use Fixer WF-N 1-5% to help with wash fastness
  • Use Softener MG 1-4% to help Soften and penetrate in to the garment
  • Use Thickener B .25-1% to help thicken the ink
  • Use RV Additive 1-3% to reduce viscosity


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