Matsui Pro Series

Matsui Pro Series 350H is a premium line of hybrid blend water-based inks designed for exceptional print performance on various textile applications. These inks excel in providing a superior hand feel, extreme washability, and excellent color vibrancy. The series includes Pro 350H UB Clear for underbase applications, Pro 350H White for high-opacity prints with crisp edges, and Pro 350H Base for mixing vibrant colors. Designed for spot color and some halftone work, these inks are PVC and VOC-free, making them environmentally safe. With built-in fixer for ready-to-print convenience, they offer superior stretch properties, maintaining print integrity on high-stretch fabrics like Dri-fit and performance materials. Ideal for use with thin-thread mesh for best coverage and detail, Matsui Pro Series 350H ensures long-lasting, vibrant, and eco-friendly prints.

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