Sprayway 909 Orange Power Screen Opener – Ink Removal with Refreshing Citrus Scent


Sprayway Orange Power Screen opener is great for use with plastisol inks for opening screen mesh and cleaning ink! Orange Power Plus is a conical, medium force mist spray. It allows for the product to be sprayed onto the part and/or substrate for maximum coverage and dwell time with negligible bounce. Its high solvency action will penetrate plastisol ink to open or clean the screen or squeegee. Use to replace products containing acetone, trichloroethylene and other chlorinated solvents. Very pleasant odor and a nice alternative to the typical strong solvent that normally comes in screen opener.


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Key Features of Sprayway 909 Orange Power Screen Opener:

  • Effective Ink Removal: Specifically formulated to swiftly and effectively dissolve and remove screen printing inks, allowing for efficient cleanup and maintenance.
  • Refreshing Citrus Scent: Infused with a pleasant orange aroma, making the cleaning process more enjoyable and providing a fresh atmosphere in your workspace.
  • Multipurpose Use: Versatile formula suitable for various types of inks, including water-based and plastisol inks, catering to different screen printing needs.
  • Easy Application: Convenient spray nozzle ensures precise and targeted application, minimizing waste and maximizing the effectiveness of the product.
  • Fast Acting: Rapid action formula accelerates ink removal, reducing downtime and allowing you to swiftly clean screens between prints.
  • Residue-Free: Leaves no residue or ghosting on screens, ensuring that your screens remain clean and ready for the next print job.
  • Non-Hazardous: Formulated to be safe for both users and the environment, providing a reliable solution without compromising health or sustainability.
  • Enhanced Screen Lifespan: Regular use of Sprayway 909 Orange Power Screen Opener can contribute to extending the lifespan of your screens by maintaining their cleanliness and quality.
  • Professional Results: Trusted by screen printers for its consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that your prints maintain a high level of quality and consistency.
  • Efficient Cleanup: Facilitates efficient and hassle-free ink cleanup, streamlining your screen printing workflow and allowing you to focus on creating remarkable prints.

Elevate your screen printing experience with Sprayway 909 Orange Power Screen Opener. Enjoy the convenience of effective ink removal combined with a refreshing citrus scent, making your cleaning process more enjoyable and productive. Experience the reliability and professionalism that Sprayway products are known for.

Technical Specifications

  • Size 20 oz. can
  • Net Weight 15 oz.
  • Units/Pack 12 cans

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