Saati 23″x31” Hi-Tex M3 Newman Style Roller Frame Mesh Panels (6 Pack)


The Roller Panel was engineered to simplify the tedious process of installing new mesh to roller frames by “locking in” all of the necessary preparation work required to consistently produce evenly stretched frames. The locking strips are securely sewn into place using high quality polyester thread.

This process securely retains all of the alignment and specific measurements to achieve premium results, eliminating 60 percent of the time required to stretch mesh onto nearly every type of roller frame. That’s right, the Roller Panel is not restricted to a single product line. The Panels are designed to be fully compatible with most brands of roller frames.


Note: This is a drop ship item and ships from Nortech directly to you.   Nortech strives to manufacture and ship as soon as possible, but shipping times can vary.



Hi-TEX, or standard mesh, has a thicker thread compared to Hi-DRO. The Hi-TEX has been the workhorse of the plastisol textile industry for decades. The threads can hold high tension levels and are more resistant to tearing and popping while on press, compared to thin thread meshes.

Panels are woven into a plastic locking strip. The locking strip replaces glues, ensuring that chemicals will not degrade the mechanism used to hold the mesh in a panel or on the frame. The mesh has more longevity in your print cycle.

Note: This is only the mesh panel, they roller frame is not included.


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