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Easiway EasiSolv™ 701N Screen Wash and Stain Remover is a cutting-edge, environmentally approved solution that redefines the screen printing industry. This 100% active, low odor, and fast-acting solvent is designed to dissolve and clean virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings, and stains from printing mesh. Whether you’re dealing with conventional/solvent, UV, electronic, water-based, or textile inks, EasiSolv 701N works its magic without the hazards and odors typically associated with aggressive solvents and caustic stain/haze removers.



Easiway Easisolv 701N (Non Foaming) Screen Wash & Stain Remover Key Features:

  1. Non-Foaming Formula: The non-foaming nature of EasiSolv 701N makes it perfect for use in high-pressure automated reclaim systems, ensuring smooth and efficient operation without unnecessary foaming complications.
  2. Quick and Effective: EasiSolv 701N works swiftly and thoroughly dissolves all inks and ink stains, allowing your mesh to be rinsed clean with water. Experience unmatched efficiency with this powerful solvent.
  3. Low Odor: Say goodbye to unpleasant chemical odors in your workspace. EasiSolv 701N is a low odor product, providing a more pleasant environment for your employees while maintaining excellent performance.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: This product contains no hazardous substances (no TLV’s, no PEL’s), creating a better workplace environment and contributing to a greener planet.
  5. Non-Flammable: With a flash point of 196°F, EasiSolv 701N ensures safer handling, storage, and rag disposal compared to conventional screen washes.
  6. Biodegradable Detergents: Featuring low-foam, biodegradable detergents, EasiSolv 701N provides superior ink and stain removal while ensuring complete rinseability with water.
  7. SARA Non-Reportable: EasiSolv 701N is not SARA reportable, which means less solvent monitoring and paperwork, streamlining your screen printing processes.
  8. Versatility: This versatile product can be applied manually, recirculated through the EasiFlo System, or used in enclosed, automatic screen washing systems, ensuring superior product life and cost-effectiveness.
  9. Safe on Wet Screens: EasiSolv 701N may be applied to a wet screen, serving as an effective stain remover without causing any damage to the mesh.

Embrace the power of EasiSolv 701N Screen Wash and Stain Remover to elevate your screen printing experience. Enjoy the ease of use, quick action, and remarkable efficiency, all while ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly workplace. With EasiSolv 701N, the future of screen printing is brighter than ever before.

Technical Specifications

Instructions for Manual Use:

  1. Ensure proper ventilation in your workspace and wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and eye protection.
  2. Start by removing excess ink from the screen using a spatula or scraper.
  3. Apply EasiSolv 701N Screen Wash & Stain Remover directly to both sides of the screen where ink, adhesives, coatings, or stains are present.
  4. Use a soft brush soaked in water to work the EasiSolv 701N into the affected areas. The water helps activate the solvent and improve its effectiveness.
  5. Let the product dwell on the screen for a few seconds to allow it to penetrate and dissolve the ink and stains effectively.
  6. Scrub the screen gently but thoroughly to ensure complete removal of ink and stains.
  7. Rinse both sides of the screen with a high-pressure water hose to remove all residue and cleaning solution.
  8. If needed, repeat the process for stubborn stains or heavily inked screens.
  9. Wash thoroughly with water after cleaning to ensure no residues remain.

Instructions for Automatic Inline Reclamation System:

  1. Set up the automatic inline reclamation system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Ensure the system is properly connected and functioning.
  3. Dilute EasiSolv 701N Screen Wash & Stain Remover with water according to the manufacturer’s recommended ratio.
  4. Fill the system’s reservoir with the diluted EasiSolv 701N solution.
  5. Load the screens into the system’s conveyor or holder.
  6. Activate the system and allow it to automatically apply EasiSolv 701N to both sides of the screens.
  7. Use a water-soaked brush to gently work the EasiSolv 701N into the screens. The water helps activate the solvent and improve its effectiveness.
  8. The system will allow the product to dwell on the screens for a specific duration, ensuring effective ink and stain removal.
  9. The system will then rinse the screens with a high-pressure water spray to remove all residue and cleaning solution.
  10. Check the screens for any remaining stains or ink. If needed, repeat the process or manually spot-clean any trouble areas.
  11. Follow any additional manufacturer’s recommendations for system maintenance and safety.

Remember to always refer to the product label and the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best results and safe usage of EasiSolv 701N Screen Wash & Stain Remover in both manual and automatic applications.

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