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Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent for Recirculating Systems – Your Key to Smooth and Efficient Printing!

Say goodbye to pesky foam troubles with Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent, the ultimate solution designed to control excessive foaming in your recirculating systems. Our highly concentrated de-foaming agent is a game-changer, ensuring seamless ink circulation and exceptional print results. Get ready to revolutionize your printing process with Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent!


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Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Control Excessive Foaming: Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent is specially formulated to combat excessive foaming, guaranteeing an uninterrupted printing process. No more worries about foam disruptions hindering your productivity!
  2. Highly Concentrated Formula: Our de-foaming agent packs a powerful punch in a small package. Its extreme concentration allows you to use minimal amounts, ensuring it won’t interfere with the performance of your ink or other additives.
  3. Ideal for Recirculating Systems: Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent is tailored for use in recirculating systems, making it a perfect fit for your screen printing setup.
  4. Easy to Use: Adding Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent to your solution is a breeze. Simply follow the recommended dilution of 4 oz. per 30 gallons of solution. Watch as the de-foamer works its magic!
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: Thanks to its high concentration, Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent is incredibly economical. Say hello to reduced ink wastage and cost savings!
  6. Low Odor and Non-Hazardous: We care about your workplace environment, which is why our de-foaming agent is low in odor and non-hazardous, ensuring a pleasant printing experience.
  7. Water-Based and VOC-Free: Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent is water-based and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing a safe and eco-friendly solution for your printing needs.
  8. Rapid Dispersion: Our de-foaming agent disperses rapidly, immediately getting to work on controlling foam and leaving you with smooth, hassle-free printing.
  9. Stays Active in Solution: Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent remains active in your solution, maintaining its effectiveness over time.
  10. Drain Safe: Worried about the environment? Fear not! Our de-foaming agent is drain-safe, ensuring responsible disposal.

Discover the power of Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent and bid farewell to foamy frustrations. Unleash smooth, efficient, and cost-effective printing with this revolutionary de-foamer. Elevate your screen printing game with Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent for Recirculating Systems!

Technical Specifications

Instructions for Using Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent in Recirculating Systems:

  1. Dilution: Before using Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent, ensure that your recirculating system contains the ink or solution that needs to be de-foamed. The recommended dilution is 4 oz. of Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent per 30 gallons of solution. Measure the appropriate amount based on your system’s capacity.
  2. Mixing: Add the measured amount of Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent directly to the recirculating system’s ink or solution. It is essential to add the de-foamer directly to the solution for optimal effectiveness.
  3. Dispersion: Allow the de-foaming agent to disperse throughout the solution. The agent’s concentrated formula ensures rapid dispersion, quickly targeting the foam and preventing further build-up.
  4. Observing Results: Observe the reduction in foam as the Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent takes effect. The foaming should decrease significantly, allowing the ink or solution to flow smoothly through your recirculating system.
  5. Additional Application: If necessary, add more Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent to the solution to achieve the desired level of foam control. It is essential to follow the recommended dilution and avoid excessive use, as the de-foamer is highly concentrated.
  6. Printing: Once the foam is under control, proceed with your screen printing process with ease. The effective de-foaming action ensures an uninterrupted workflow, allowing you to achieve high-quality prints.
  7. Storage: When not in use, store Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to maintain its potency.

Note: As with any chemical product, it is essential to handle Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent with care. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection, during use. Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Always follow safety guidelines and consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional safety information.

Make the most of your recirculating system with Printers Choice De-Foaming Agent and experience smooth, efficient, and hassle-free printing without excessive foaming. Harness the power of this revolutionary de-foamer to achieve outstanding results in your screen printing process.

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