ICC 8270 Premium Ink Degradent


ICC 8270 Ink Degradent is a powerful and efficient solution designed specifically for cleaning plastisol ink off screens. This high-quality ink degradent is an essential tool for screen printers seeking effective and hassle-free ink removal. ICC 8270 is formulated to quickly break down and dissolve plastisol ink residues, making it a go-to choice for screen reclamation.


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ICC 8270 Premium Ink Degradent Key Features:

  1. Fast-Acting: ICC 8270 Ink Degradent works swiftly to degrade plastisol ink, saving valuable time during the screen cleaning process. Its rapid action ensures efficient ink removal, even from stubborn or cured ink stains.
  2. Non-Caustic Formula: This ink degradent boasts a non-caustic formulation, making it a safer alternative to harsh chemicals. It offers an eco-friendly and user-friendly solution without compromising on performance.
  3. Easy Application: ICC 8270 can be applied directly onto plastisol ink deposits, simplifying the cleaning process. Its user-friendly application saves effort and enables effective ink removal without excessive scrubbing.
  4. Versatile Use: Ideal for cleaning plastisol ink, ICC 8270 Ink Degradent is suitable for various screen printing applications. Whether for color changes on-press or screen reclamation in the washout booth, this degradent is a reliable choice.
  5. Minimizes Screen Damage: With ICC 8270, you can confidently remove ink without causing damage to your screens. Its gentle yet effective action preserves the integrity of the mesh, extending the lifespan of your screens.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Use:

  1. Safety Precautions: Prior to use, put on appropriate protective gear, including gloves and eye protection, to ensure your safety during the ink removal process.
  2. Application: Apply ICC 8270 directly onto the plastisol ink residues on the screen. Ensure that the ink-stained areas are adequately covered with the degradent.
  3. Dwell Time: Allow the ICC 8270 Ink Degradent to dwell on the ink stains for a few minutes, giving it time to break down and dissolve the plastisol ink.
  4. Rinsing: Rinse the screen thoroughly with pressured water to wash away the dissolved ink and degradent residues. Rinse from both sides of the screen for a comprehensive clean.
  5. Repeat if Necessary: For stubborn or heavy ink deposits, you may need to repeat the process until the screen is thoroughly cleaned.

Unlock the potential of ICC 8270 Ink Degradent to efficiently and effectively remove plastisol ink from your screens. This non-caustic, fast-acting solution ensures safe, easy, and reliable ink removal, making it a valuable asset for every screen printing operation. Embrace the convenience and performance of ICC 8270 for a cleaner, more streamlined screen reclamation process.

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