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Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener – The Ultimate Solution for Screen Reclamation!

Printers Choice Press Wash is the go-to product for screen printers seeking a reliable and effective solution to remove plastisol and UV inks during screen reclamation. Designed with the needs of printing professionals in mind, this versatile Ink Press Wash offers a host of key benefits to streamline your screen cleaning process and ensure top-notch printing results.



Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener Key Benefits:

  1. Safe for Emulsion and Capillary Stencils: Preserve the longevity of your emulsion and capillary stencils with confidence. Printers Choice Press Wash is specially formulated to be gentle on these vital components of your screens, ensuring they remain intact and ready for your next printing job.
  2. Protects Fabric from Stains and Ghosting: Achieve pristine and consistent results with every print. This Press Wash acts as a powerful shield, preventing deep stains or ghosting from image prints on the fabric. Say goodbye to unwanted remnants and enjoy hassle-free screen reclamation.
  3. Streamlines Screen Reclamation: Efficiently reclaim your screens with ease. Printers Choice Press Wash simplifies the removal of plastisol and UV inks, cutting down on downtime and maximizing productivity in your print shop.
  4. Effective Adhesive Remover: Cleaning pallet or belt printer’s adhesive is a breeze with Printers Choice Press Wash. Its powerful formulation ensures efficient adhesive removal, leaving your equipment spotless and ready for the next print run.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener:

Manually on Press for Color Changes:

  1. Prepare the Press: Before starting the color change process, make sure the press is in a safe and stable position. Lower the screen to the off-contact position and secure it in place. Ensure that the press is turned off to avoid accidental printing.
  2. Apply Printers Choice Press Wash: Take a clean, lint-free cloth or scrub pad and dampen it with Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener. Gently apply the product to the ink residue on the screen and squeegee/flood bar.
  3. Wipe Away the Ink: With a firm but gentle pressure, wipe away the ink from the screen and the squeegee/flood bar. Continue wiping until the ink residue is completely removed.
  4. Repeat as Necessary: For stubborn ink stains, repeat the process until the screen and squeegee/flood bar are clean. Change to a new section of the cloth or use a fresh scrub pad when necessary to avoid re-depositing ink.
  5. Rinse and Dry: After removing the ink, rinse the screen and squeegee/flood bar with water to remove any remaining Press Wash residue. Dry thoroughly before proceeding with the next color change.

In a Recirculating System for Cleaning Squeegees and Flood Bars:

  1. Set Up the Recirculating System: Ensure that the recirculating system is properly set up and functional. The system should be equipped with the necessary hoses, pumps, and tanks for an effective cleaning process.
  2. Start the Recirculation: Turn on the recirculating system and allow it to circulate the Press Wash throughout the system. Make sure the solution reaches all squeegees and flood bars that need cleaning.
  3. Agitate (if applicable): Some recirculating systems come with an agitation feature. If available, activate the agitation function to enhance the cleaning process and ensure thorough removal of ink residue.
  4. Allow Adequate Cleaning Time: Let the Printers Choice Press Wash circulate through the system for the recommended cleaning duration. The time may vary depending on the level of ink buildup and the specific equipment being cleaned.
  5. Rinse: After the cleaning cycle is complete, rinse the squeegees and flood bars with water to remove any remaining Press Wash residue. Proper rinsing ensures that the equipment is ready for the next use.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener. Proper usage will optimize its cleaning efficiency and prolong the life of your screen printing equipment.

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