Murakami Emulsion Permanent Hardener A&B Quart Kit


Murakami AB Hardener is River City Graphic Supply’s most durable option for locking up your emulsion when printing long water based or discharge jobs. We recommend using this in conjuction with Murkami HV, Murakami HVP, or Murakami Photocure Pro emulsions.



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Hardeners A&B provide ultimate water resistance for waterbase and discharge ink systems. Mixed 1:1 and applied to the stencil after exposure, development, and drying. If emulsion is used as a block out it should be exposed prior to applying Hardeners A&B. After application the emulsion is semi permanent and may be hard to reclaim, especially on finer meshes. Designed for use in long run water base and discharge ink printing where ultimate screen durability is needed. Reclaiming is possible if HR-700 is used prior to applying emulsion remover.

Technical Specifications


  • Murakami Hardener A & B is designed to chemically extend the water base and discharge ink resistance of Murakami Direct Emulsions and Capillary Film.

How To Use:

  • Completely process stencils. Make sure stencils are dry. Inspect and touch up screen as necessary.
  • Mix Part A and Part B components at a 1:1 ratio. Do not add water. Mix what you need on a weekly basis.
  • Apply Hardener A&B to the screen using a sponge, soft cloth, or a spray bottle.
  • Completely dry screen after hardener is applied.
  • Inspect screen to see if any hardener has dried into the image area. Rinse with tap water to remove any Hardener residue. Allow screen to dry.


  • The use of waterproof gloves and protective eyewear are recommended when using Hardener A&B.
  • Do not thin Hardener A&B with either water or solvent. Use as is in order to maximize it’s effect.


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