Printers Choice Press Wash / Screen Opener

Printers Choice

This product is designed for the removal of plastisol and UV inks when reclaiming your screens. Printers Choice Ink Press Wash / Screen Wash is emulsion and capillary stencil safe. It will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print, which will make it much easier when complete reclamation of the screen is necessary. This product is an excellent cleaner for the removal of pallet or belt printer’s adhesive. Printers Choice Ink Press Wash / Screen Wash can be re-circulated or applied manually using the following steps.




Technical Specifications


Apply Printers Choice Ink Press Wash / Screen Wash to both sides of the screen and then wipe or sqeegee off until all residue is gone. Printers Choice Ink Press Wash / Screen Wash works extremely well when cataloging th screen.


Card excessive ink fom the screen. This product can be continuously re-circulated until product becomes too heavily soiled with solids. Used product may be filtered and re-used. *Dispose of in accordance with state, local and federal regulations.


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