Embroidery No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls


Enhance Your Embroidery with No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls

Achieve impeccable embroidery results with the No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls. These 100-yard rolls of soft, sheer, and stable backing are designed to elevate your embroidery projects to a new level of quality and professionalism.


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Embroidery No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls Key Features:

  • Translucent Nylon-Reinforced: The No Show Cutaway Backing is made from a translucent nylon-reinforced material that offers stability without compromising the appearance of your embroidery. It provides the perfect balance of support and subtlety.
  • Ideal for Left Chest Applications: Specifically designed for left chest applications, this backing eliminates the risk of showing through the garment. Your embroidery remains clean and crisp, enhancing the overall look and feel of your designs.
  • Enhanced for Light-Colored Fabrics: Perfect for lightweight and light-colored fabrics, the No Show Cutaway Backing keeps your outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric. It ensures that your designs maintain their integrity, even on delicate materials.
  • Perforated for Easy Tear Off: Each roll is perforated for easy tear-off, allowing you to quickly access the backing without hassle. This feature streamlines your workflow and ensures a smooth embroidery process.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: The No Show Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls are available in 6″ and 8″ widths, providing you with flexibility to choose the perfect size for your embroidery projects.

Elevate Your Embroidery:

Experience the difference that No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls can make in your embroidery projects. Achieve exceptional results on left chest applications and lightweight fabrics, all while maintaining the subtlety and professionalism of your designs. Enjoy the convenience of a perforated roll that allows for easy tear-off, making your embroidery process efficient and effective. Choose from multiple sizes to tailor the backing to your specific needs.


Technical Specifications

Directions for Using No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls:

  1. Prepare Your Fabric: Begin by preparing the fabric you plan to embroider. Ensure it is clean, free from wrinkles, and properly hooped.
  2. Select the Roll Size: Choose the appropriate roll size of No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing based on your embroidery project’s requirements. Rolls are available in 6″ and 8″ widths.
  3. Cut the Backing: Measure and cut a piece of No Show Cutaway Backing from the roll, according to the size of your hoop and design area. The perforations make it easy to tear off the desired length.
  4. Position the Backing: Place the cut piece of backing on the backside of the fabric, beneath the area you intend to embroider. Ensure that the backing is centered and aligned with the design area.
  5. Embroider: Proceed with your embroidery process as usual. The No Show Cutaway Backing provides the necessary stability and support to prevent puckering and distortion.
  6. Complete the Embroidery: Once the embroidery is finished, remove the fabric from the hoop. Trim any excess backing that extends beyond the embroidered area.
  7. Tear Away Excess Backing: Gently tear away any excess backing from around the edge of the stitched area using the perforations as a guide. The backing will tear neatly and cleanly.
  8. Inspect and Finish: Inspect the embroidered fabric to ensure that all excess backing has been removed. Your embroidery is now ready for use or further processing.

By following these simple directions, you can achieve outstanding embroidery results using No Show (1.5 oz) Cutaway Backing Perforated Rolls. Enjoy the convenience of easy tear-off, stability on lightweight fabrics, and subtle support for your designs, all while maintaining professionalism and quality.

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