Embroidery Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) Squares 8″ x 8″ – 100 Pack


Elevate Your Embroidery with Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) Squares

Unleash your creativity and achieve embroidery excellence with Water Soluble Topping Squares. This package includes 100 pre-cut 8″ x 8″ squares of 1.1 oz water-soluble topping—a game-changer in enhancing embroidery on high pile fabrics. Elevate your embroidery projects by preventing stitches from sinking into the fabric pile, resulting in impeccable design clarity.


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Embroidery Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) Squares 8″ x 8″ – 100 Pack Key Features:

  • Enhanced Embroidery Quality: Crafted to perfection, the Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) is specifically designed to elevate embroidery executed on the top side of high pile fabrics. From terrycloth to velour, pique knit to corduroy, fleece to velvet, this topping excels in improving embroidery quality by preventing stitches from disappearing into the fabric’s lush pile.
  • Simple Application: To use, place the Water Soluble Topping on top of the fabric to be embroidered. After completing the embroidery process, tear away the excess topping. For areas such as letters “O,” apply a light mist of water to dissolve the remaining topping, then gently brush away the residue. The result? Crisp, clear designs that stand out.

Elevate Your Embroidery:

Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) Squares are your key to unlocking enhanced embroidery quality on high pile fabrics. Say goodbye to disappearing stitches and hello to captivating designs that truly stand out. With straightforward application and exceptional results, these pre-cut squares are a must-have addition to your embroidery toolkit. Elevate your embroidery game and create designs that leave a lasting impression.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Water Soluble Topping (1.1 oz) Squares:

  1. Prepare Fabric: Ensure your fabric is properly hooped and ready for embroidery. Position the fabric with the desired design area exposed.
  2. Place Topping: Take one pre-cut Water Soluble Topping Square (8″ x 8″) and lay it over the exposed design area on the fabric. Ensure that the topping fully covers the design to prevent stitches from sinking into the fabric pile.
  3. Embroider: Begin the embroidery process as instructed by your machine’s manual. The Water Soluble Topping will provide a protective layer over the fabric’s pile, allowing the stitches to remain on the surface for enhanced clarity.
  4. Complete Embroidery: Once the embroidery is complete, carefully remove the hoop from the machine.
  5. Tear Away Excess: Gently tear away the excess Water Soluble Topping around the embroidered design. Be cautious not to disturb the embroidery stitches.
  6. Dissolve Remaining Topping: For areas where the Water Soluble Topping is still present, lightly mist the fabric with water. Use a spray bottle to apply a fine mist over the topping. This will start the process of dissolving the topping.
  7. Brush Away Residue: After misting, use a soft brush or cloth to gently brush away the dissolved topping residue. Start from the center of the design and work outward to prevent any residue from spreading.
  8. Inspect and Finish: Carefully examine the embroidered design to ensure that all topping residue has been removed. Allow the fabric to air dry completely before further handling.
  9. Enjoy Your Enhanced Embroidery: With the Water Soluble Topping removed, you’ll have a beautifully embroidered design on high pile fabrics with exceptional clarity and quality.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your embroidery machine and fabric type. Adjust the misting level of water according to the fabric’s sensitivity to moisture.

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