Embroidery Water Soluble Backing 13 1/3″ Wide x 100 Yard Roll (1.1 oz) – Perfect for High Pile Fabrics


Introducing the Water Soluble Topping 13-1/3″ x 110 Yard Roll (1.1 oz): Elevate Your Embroidery on High Pile Fabrics

Elevate your embroidery projects on high pile fabrics with the Water Soluble Topping 13-1/3″ x 110 Yard Roll. Designed to enhance your embroidery results on fabrics like terrycloth, velour, pique knit, corduroy, fleece, and velvet, this versatile topping ensures your stitches stand out beautifully.


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Embroidery Backing 13 1/3″ Wide Roll Water Soluble Topping 110 Yard Roll (1.1 oz) B49013110 Key Features:

  • Enhanced Embroidery: This water soluble topping is crafted to enhance the embroidery process on high pile fabrics. It prevents stitches from sinking into the fabric’s pile, resulting in clear, defined embroidery designs.
  • 1.1 oz Weight: With a lightweight composition of 1.1 oz, the topping adds minimal bulk to your fabric while providing effective support for your stitches.
  • Easy to Apply: Simply place the topping over your fabric before starting the embroidery process. The roll format allows for convenient dispensing and usage.
  • Water Soluble: The topping dissolves easily with water, leaving no residue behind. After stitching, simply remove any excess topping by gently tearing or rinsing it away.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a range of high pile fabrics, including terrycloth, velour, pique knit, corduroy, fleece, and velvet. Enhance your embroidery on various textured surfaces.
  • Professional Results: Achieve impeccable embroidery designs that stay visible and precise on even the fluffiest fabrics. Say goodbye to stitches disappearing into the fabric’s pile.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Embroidery Backing Water Soluble Topping 13 1/3″ Wide Roll (1.1 oz) B49013110:

  1. Prepare Your Fabric: Before starting the embroidery process, ensure that your fabric is properly hooped and secured in your embroidery hoop. Make sure the fabric is smooth and free from wrinkles.
  2. Unroll the Topping: Unroll the Water Soluble Topping from the roll, ensuring that you have enough topping to cover the area where you plan to embroider.
  3. Position the Topping: Carefully lay the Water Soluble Topping over the fabric in the embroidery hoop. Make sure the topping is positioned directly on top of the area where you intend to embroider.
  4. Start Embroidering: Begin the embroidery process as you normally would, following the design and stitch settings for your project. The Water Soluble Topping will help prevent stitches from sinking into the fabric’s pile, resulting in clear and well-defined embroidery.
  5. Complete Embroidery: Once the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine. You will notice that the Water Soluble Topping has helped maintain the integrity of your stitches on the high pile fabric.
  6. Removing Excess Topping: Gently tear away any excess Water Soluble Topping around the embroidered area. You can also use a small amount of water to dissolve and remove any remaining topping, especially within areas like small lettering or details.
  7. Rinsing (Optional): If desired, you can lightly rinse the fabric in water to completely dissolve and remove any remaining Water Soluble Topping. This step can be particularly useful for intricate designs.
  8. Drying and Display: Allow the fabric to air dry after removing the topping. Once dry, your embroidered design will be visible, precise, and well-defined on the high pile fabric.
  9. Finish and Enjoy: Your embroidered design is now ready to be displayed, worn, or used as desired. Experience the satisfaction of achieving professional and clear embroidery results on even the most textured fabrics.

Note: The Embroidery Backing Water Soluble Topping 13 1/3″ Wide Roll enhances your embroidery on high pile fabrics, ensuring your stitches remain visible and crisp. The water soluble nature of the topping simplifies the finishing process, leaving you with impeccable results.

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