Printers Choice Orange Pre-Sensitized Photopolymer Emulsion – Works With Plastisol Inks

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Printers Choice Textile Orange Emulsion is an orange scented and colored, one part, ready-to-use textile emulsion, and is recommended for plastisol inks. It offers durability and excellent image quality. Due to the product’s high solids it yields a better coating, sharper edges, and excellent resolution. Printers Choice Textile Orange Emulsion is pre-sensitized and does not require the addition of diazo. This product saves time as it exposes very fast. Reclaiming the screen when using Printers Choice Textile Orange Emulsion is easy with Printers Choice Stencil Removers, which are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas.


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Applications: Photopolymer emulsion for Plastisol, Discharge and Water Based inks.

  • Pre-sensitized
  • Physical Properties Orange Scented and Colored
  • Virtually pinhole and fish eye free
  • Extremely Durable for long print runs
  • Outstandnig resolution and line definition
  • 40% solids

Technical Specifications

  • Handling: Handle under yellow safelight conditions.
  • Sensitizing: Printers Choice Orange Emulsion is a one part emulsion that does not require a diazo to be added.  Use straight from container.
  • Mesh Preparation: It is important to have a clean dry screen before you apply the emulsion.
  • Coating Procedure: Use a clean coating trough that has a smooth edge without nicks or burrs. Coating environment should be in a clean light safe area with 65% humidity level. 1. Apply one or two coats of emulsion to the print side. 2. Reverse the screen and apply one or two coats to the squeegee side.
  • Drying: Dry the screen in a horizontal position with the print side down in a clean dry room.  Follow these guidelines to ensure complete drying:
  • Exposure: For best results use an exposure calculator to determine the exact exposure time.  Proper exposure is determined by a number of conditions such as clear film positives and mesh color, emulsion type, emulsion thickness and exposure unit type.
  • Washout: Gently spray both sides of the screen with water.  Wait a moment to allow the emulsion to soften.  Wash print side of the screen until the image is fully open.  Rinse both sides thoroughly and dry.  A vacuum can be used to accelerate drying.
  • Reclaiming:  Ready to use or concentrated emulsion removers. Storage Store the emulsion in a cool dry place.  Unopened emulsion has a shelf life of one year when stored properly.  Coated screens will last up to 30 days with good results when stored correctly. 59 – 77 degrees is optimal storage temperature.

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