Saati LTS 8012 Direct Laser Image & Exposure Unit


Introducing the Saati Laser to Screen 8012 – the cutting-edge solution for screen printers seeking unparalleled precision, speed, and efficiency in the creation of high-quality screens. Experience the future of screen printing technology with the Saati Laser to Screen 8012.

The Saati Laser to Screen 8012 revolutionizes the traditional screen-making process by eliminating the need for film positives and manual exposure. With this advanced system, you can directly transfer your design files onto the screen mesh using a high-powered laser. Say goodbye to the hassle of film positives, registration issues, and lengthy exposure times.

Experience the ultimate precision with the Saati Laser to Screen 8012. Its laser technology allows for the creation of intricate, fine details, and accurate halftones. Every line, dot, and element in your design is faithfully reproduced on the screen, ensuring brilliant and sharp prints. Say hello to impeccable registration and a level of clarity that elevates your prints to new heights.

Speed and efficiency are key advantages of the Saati Laser to Screen 8012. By eliminating manual exposure and film positives, you can dramatically reduce the screen-making process time. This means more screens can be produced in less time, increasing your overall productivity and reducing downtime. Enjoy faster turnaround times and seize opportunities for high-volume orders without compromising quality.

The Saati Laser to Screen 8012 is incredibly versatile and compatible with various mesh types, including polyester, stainless steel, and nylon. Whether you’re using it for textile printing, graphics, or industrial applications, the flexibility of the system ensures optimal results on a wide range of substrates.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Saati Laser to Screen 8012. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive software make it accessible for both experienced screen printers and beginners. Simply import your design files, adjust the necessary settings, and let the laser technology do the rest. Enjoy a streamlined workflow and hassle-free operation from start to finish.

The Saati Laser to Screen 8012 is designed to meet the demands of screen printers seeking the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and precision. Embrace the future of screen making with this innovative system that revolutionizes the way you create screens for impeccable prints. Experience the Saati Laser to Screen 8012 and take your screen printing to the next level of excellence.

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Self-contained, super high efficiency direct laser computer to screen Image & Exposure unit, operated by PC with optional RIP.

The Saati laser to screen is Designed to efficiently image and expose one screen up to 1050 x 1600 mm or two screens up to a maximum size of 635 x 915 mm without vacuum or film positives.


• Vertical glassless design with safety shutter
• 128 laser array capable of 2540, 1693, 1270, 1016, or 847 DPI
• Exposes all emulsions and stencil films
• Easy to use software, compatible with many RIP programs
• Utilizes 1-bit TIFF file format


• Very high resolution CtS exposure capable of reproducing the most demanding image types
• Double screen output by imaging & exposing two screens at once
• Digitally process all types of PC & Mac design files in house with no film positives and the powerful workflow software allows multiple image placements across one or two screens to further enhance productivity
• No consumables and low power consumption for minimized costs
• 10,000+ hour lamp life and easy, low cost maintenance

Technical Specifications


• Maximum Image Size: 800 x 1200 mm
• Maximum Frame Size: 1050 x 1600 mm or 2 screens up to 635 x 915 mm
• Larger frame layouts are possible – contact SAATI to learn more
• Machine Dimensions: 220 x 58 x 163 cm • Weight: 925 kg
• Compatible with 110V or 220V input
• Requires compressed air for clamps (90 psi, less than 1 CFM)
• One Year Warranty

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