BBC Blackbody Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer

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Curing water-based and discharge ink can be difficult with a standard IR conveyor dryer. Water-based inks need air movement to effectively drive the water out of the ink and move the steam outside the dryer so that the heat can cure the ink. Without proper air movement, most customers have to slow their belts down or run the shirts through the dryer multiple times.

Aeolus was designed with your shop in mind. 50 years of industry experience has led BBC to reach for the staIth With the ability to cure plastisol, water-based and direct-to-garment this dryer can do it all. BBC’s Edgemax™ technology gives you the highest quality, fastest , and most consistent edge-to-edge temperaturWhilewhile avoiding downtime with TruTrak™, the most dependable, often imitated, belt tracking system on the planet.. maybe even the heavens.

  • Angled heating elements entireing the entire length of the chamber, you can count on a true edge-to-edge cure.
  • TruTrak™ ensures that your belt is precisely where it needs to be. All the time, every time.
  • Aeolus is perfect for any print you can produce. PlastisoWater-baseder based, yup. Direct-tosolutely.
  • With two separate zones of heating ,elements, ideal achieve the perfect temp quickly and let it dwell there.


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Blackbody Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer Key Features:

  1. Forced Air Technology: The Aeolus dryer utilizes advanced forced air technology, ensuring optimal airflow and distribution throughout the entire drying chamber. This feature is particularly effective in curing water-based and discharge inks, as it drives moisture out of the ink and expels steam, resulting in faster and more efficient curing.
  2. Conveyor System: The efficient conveyor system provides seamless transportation of garments through the drying process. Adjustable belt speed control allows you to tailor the drying speed to suit your specific ink and garment requirements, enhancing flexibility and productivity.
  3. Precise Temperature Control: With excellent temperature control within 5°F, you can confidently cure various types of inks with consistent and reliable results. The built-in heat control allows you to fine-tune the temperature to achieve the best curing conditions.
  4. Powerful Heating Elements: Packed with 15,915 watts of heating power, the Aeolus dryer offers a formidable performance to handle high-demand jobs with ease. Choose between 240V on a 70 amp circuit or 208V on a 60 amp circuit to suit your power supply.
  5. Powered Exhaust: The Aeolus comes equipped with a powered exhaust system that efficiently vents fumes and steam from the drying chamber. This feature promotes a safe and comfortable working environment, ensuring the best printing experience for you and your team.
  6. Wide Belt Width: Featuring a 36″ belt width, the Aeolus dryer accommodates a substantial amount of garments, making it ideal for medium to large-scale production.
  7. Adjustable Conveyor Lengths: Customize the conveyor length to match your workflow, allowing seamless integration with your existing setup or future expansion plans.
  8. Cool Outer Surface Area: Safety is a top priority with the Aeolus dryer. Its cool outer surface area prevents accidental burns and ensures a safe working environment for operators.
  9. Three-Year Warranty on Heaters: We stand behind the quality and durability of our product. The Aeolus comes with a three-year warranty on heaters, providing you with added peace of mind and assurance.

Elevate your printing operation with the BBC BlackBody Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer. Efficient, reliable, and built to withstand the demands of modern printing, the Aeolus is the perfect addition to your production arsenal. Unlock new levels of productivity, achieve consistent curing results, and take your printing business to greater heights with the Aeolus by your side.

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