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Introducing the Roq NEXT – The Ultimate Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Unmatched Productivity

Discover the Roq NEXT, a revolutionary automatic screen printing machine that takes your printing business to soaring heights of efficiency and productivity. Designed with exclusive features found only in high-range ROQprint machines, this cutting-edge equipment offers unparalleled performance and versatility.

Unleash Your Creativity: With the Roq NEXT, you can print between 6 and 18 colors, allowing you to bring even the most intricate designs to life. Its maximum print area of up to 850mmx1000mm (double index) gives you the freedom to explore large-format prints without compromising on precision. Whether you’re working on fabrics, garments, posters, or more, the Roq NEXT enables you to unleash your creativity like never before.

Boosted Productivity: Experience a remarkable increase in productivity, up to 20%, thanks to the Roq NEXT’s unique technical characteristics. Its electric rotation with a Servo AC motor, coupled with the independent lifting system of print heads, ensures smooth and swift operations. With a maximum production capability of up to 1200 pieces per hour, you can effortlessly handle high-volume orders and meet tight deadlines.

User-Friendly Design: The Roq NEXT stands out for its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Built with proprietary software developed in collaboration with printing experts, this system is tailored to streamline your workflow. Each print head features its own control panel, while the central console allows you to control the entire machine seamlessly. Connecting peripheric accessories like ROQflash, ROQfoil, and ROQflock to the machine structure enables faster setup times, maximizing efficiency.

Precision and Versatility Redefined: Expect nothing short of perfection with the Roq NEXT. Its advanced PRU (Positive Registration Unit) ensures precise color placement and registration, eliminating any misalignments and waste. Whether you’re working on complex multi-color prints or simple one-color designs, this machine handles every task with precision and consistency.

Unmatched Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, the Roq NEXT boasts top-notch craftsmanship and durable materials. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting investment that will continue to deliver outstanding results for years to come.

Embrace the Future of Screen Printing: In conclusion, the Roq NEXT is the ultimate automatic screen printing machine that takes your business to the next level. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and unmatched productivity with this state-of-the-art equipment. Stay ahead of the competition and revolutionize your printing process with the Roq NEXT – Your Next Screen Printing Machine!

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Key Features of the Roq NEXT:

  1. Aluminum Honeycomb Pallets: The Roq NEXT comes equipped with aluminum honeycomb pallets, providing a sturdy and lightweight surface for precise printing. This innovative design ensures stability and accuracy during the printing process, resulting in consistent and high-quality prints.
  2. Electric Movement Squeegees with AC Inverter: Enjoy effortless and smooth squeegee movements with the Roq NEXT’s electric movement system. The inclusion of an AC inverter allows for precise control over the squeegee speed, enabling you to fine-tune the printing process for optimal results.
  3. Independent Control Panel on All Print Heads: Each print head on the Roq NEXT features its own independent control panel. This user-friendly setup grants you individual control over each print head, simplifying adjustments and customization for different printing tasks.
  4. Choice of Pneumatic Screen Holder: “U” Clamp or Pin System: Flexibility is key with the Roq NEXT, as it offers a choice between two pneumatic screen holders – the “U” clamp or pin system. This feature allows you to use your preferred screen attachment method for added convenience.
  5. Print Heads Independent Elevation: Experience increased efficiency with the Roq NEXT’s print heads independent elevation system. This enables swift and precise adjustments, ensuring seamless registration and consistent print quality.
  6. AC Servo-Motor Rotation System: The Roq NEXT employs an advanced AC servo-motor rotation system, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the printing process. This technology allows for smooth and reliable rotation, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.
  7. Central Control Panel with Polychromatic LCD Touch Screen (10″): The Roq NEXT boasts a central control panel equipped with a polychromatic LCD touch screen, measuring 10 inches. This intuitive interface provides comprehensive control over the entire printing machine, streamlining the operation and facilitating ease of use.
  8. Micro Registration Screen System with Vernier Scale: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with the Roq NEXT’s micro registration screen system, featuring a vernier scale. This meticulous registration system ensures precise alignment of colors, resulting in impeccable multi-color prints.
  9. Individual Controls for Managing Print and Flood Speed, Height, Angle of the Squeegees, and Stroke Length: Customize and fine-tune the printing process to your specific requirements with individual controls for print and flood speed, squeegee height, angle, and stroke length. This level of control allows you to tailor the machine settings for different printing tasks and substrates.
  10. Placement of the Flash Cure Units Under the Print Head: Optimize space and workflow with the strategic placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head. This design minimizes the footprint and ensures efficient curing of prints, enhancing overall productivity.

In summary, the Roq NEXT stands out with its impressive array of features, combining precision, flexibility, and ease of use to take your screen printing capabilities to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your printing journey, the Roq NEXT is the ideal choice for achieving outstanding results with every print.

Options for the Roq NEXT:

  1. Laser Markers: Enhance precision and streamline your printing setup with laser markers. The Roq NEXT offers the option to integrate laser markers, allowing for accurate positioning and alignment of designs on various substrates.
  2. Power and Control Connections for Flash: Experience seamless integration of Flash Cure units with the Roq NEXT. The machine’s base is equipped with power and control connections, facilitating easy and efficient setup of Flash Cure units for quick and effective ink curing.
  3. Flash Cure Units: Expand your printing capabilities with Flash Cure units. The Roq NEXT is compatible with Flash Cure units, enabling you to achieve proper ink curing, especially for specialty inks and multi-color prints.
  4. Compatible with ROQ FLOCK: Diversify your printing options with the Roq NEXT’s compatibility with ROQ FLOCK. This feature allows you to create unique and textured prints, adding a touch of luxury and dimension to your designs.
  5. Compatible with ROQ FOIL: Elevate your prints with metallic finishes using ROQ FOIL. The Roq NEXT’s compatibility with ROQ FOIL enables you to add stunning foil effects to your designs, creating eye-catching and premium-looking prints.
  6. Skip Function: Optimize your printing process with the Skip Function option. This feature allows you to skip specific print heads or colors, giving you greater flexibility and efficiency for different printing requirements.

In conclusion, the Roq NEXT offers a range of optional features and functionalities that cater to your specific printing needs. Whether you want to enhance precision, incorporate specialty inks, or explore unique printing effects, these options empower you to achieve exceptional results and stay ahead in the dynamic world of screen printing.

Technical Specifications

ROQPrint Next P08 XL P10 XL P12 XL P14XL P16 XL P18 XL P20 XL
number of colors (max.) 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
number of pallets 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
number of flash cure connection units (optional) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
maxium print size (mm/inch) 500×700/20’’x28’’ 500×700/20’’x28’’ 500×700 / 20’’x28’’ | 850×1000 / 33”x39” 500×700 / 20’’x28’’ | 850×1000 / 33”x39” 500×700 / 20’’x28’’ | 850×1000 / 33”x39” 500×700 / 20’’x28’’ | 850×1000 / 33”x39” 500×700 / 20’’x28’’ | 850×1000 / 33”x39”
maxium screen size (mm/inch) 660×1050/26’’x41.3’’ 660×1050/26’’x41.3’’ 660×1050 / 26’’x41.3’’ | 1010×1300 / 39”x51” * 660×1050 / 26’’x41.3’’ | 1010×1300 / 39”x51” * 660×1050 / 26’’x41.3’’ | 1010×1300 / 39”x51” * 660×1050 / 26’’x41.3’’ | 1010×1300 / 39”x51” * 660×1050 / 26’’x41.3’’ | 1010×1300 / 39”x51” *
maximum pallet size (mm/inch) 550×950/21’’x37’’ 550×950/21’’x37’’ 550×950 / 21”x37” | 900×1240 / 35”x48” * 550×950 / 21”x37” | 900×1240 / 35”x48” * 550×950 / 21”x37” | 900×1240 / 35”x48” * 550×950 / 21”x37” | 900×1240 / 35”x48” * 550×950 / 21”x37” | 900×1240 / 35”x48” *
maximum frame profile / thickness (mm/inch) 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2” 50 x 50 / 2” x 2”
index precision (mm/inch) +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001” +-0.025 / 0.001”
maximum production (pieces/h)** 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
compressed air consumption (l/min. 7 bar)*** 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead 40 l/min – 0.7 cfm + number of each printhead
maximum consumption (kVA)**** 2 3 4 6 7 8 9
machine diameter (mm/feet) 4100 / 13.5’ 4550 / 15’ 5150 / 17.1’ 5400 / 17.7’ 5850 / 19.2’ 6300 / 20.6’ 6900 / 22.6’
total height (mm/feet) 2370 / 7.7’ 2370 / 7.7’ 2370 / 7.7’ 2440 / 8’ 2510 / 8.2’ 2540 / 8.3’ 2540 / 8.3’
minimum width of the base (mm/feet) 2100 / 6.9’ 2100 / 6.9’ 2100 / 6.9’ 2165 / 7.1’ 2235 / 7.3’ 2265 / 7.4’ 2265 / 7.4’

* double index in XL models
** one squeegee with flooding for a A4 print.
*** consumption of each printhead: 90 l/min. | 3.15cfm in 20 pieces/min.
**** these values exclude the consumption with flash-curing, they should be calculated separately, taking into account the number and model of the flash cure on the machine.
– Power Supply: 220V, 3x220V, 3x400V – 50Hz or 60Hz.

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