Siser 12” Sparkle Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl: Your Design’s Secret Sparkle


Introducing Siser 12” Sparkle Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl – Your Solution for Subtle Elegance and Sparkling Designs!

Discover the answer to your glitter heat transfer needs with the all-new Siser 12” Sparkle Clear HTV. Crafted to provide a smooth, glimmering finish, this product line offers a striking alternative for those seeking a refined glitter effect. Sparkle’s appearance and texture are reminiscent of the popular VideoFlex Glitter material, giving you the elegance you desire.



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Siser 12” Sparkle Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl Key Features:

  • Embedded Glitter Flakes: Sparkle is designed with a mix of colored and silver glitter flakes embedded within, providing a balanced and dazzling sparkle to your designs. Achieve a touch of brilliance without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.
  • Easy Application: Backed by a pressure-sensitive (sticky) backing, Sparkle Heat Transfer Vinyl simplifies the weeding process. Say goodbye to tedious weeding and hello to efficiency.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: Measuring at just 120 microns, Sparkle is one of our thinnest glitter HTVs. This ultra-thin profile not only ensures a soft and lightweight feel but also accommodates stretchy fabrics with ease.
  • Layering Possibilities: Unleash your creativity with Sparkle. It can be layered on itself and paired with materials from the EasyWeed family, providing you with endless design possibilities.

Technical Specifications

Application instructions (home iron)

• Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen
• Cover with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multipurpose Paper
• Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)
• Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)
• Press each section of design for 10-15 seconds
• If areas of design lift after application, replace cover sheet
and re-press for 5-10 seconds
• Peel carrier hot or cold
Application Instructions (heat press)

• Cover with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multipurpose Paper
• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
• Apply design at 305°F/150°C
• Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds
• Peel carrier hot or cold

Cutter Settings:

Cricut:   Blade: Standard   Setting: Iron-on

Silhouette Cameo:   Blade: Standard, 2   Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth   Speed: 8   Force: 4

Brother ScanNCut:   Blade: Standard, 2   Cut Speed: 1   Cut Pressure: 4
Roland GX/GS-24:   Blade: 45°   Gram Force: 80-90   Offset: .250   Speed: 25-50 cm/s

Graphtec:   Blade: 45°   Force: 8-9   Tool: CB09+0   Speed: 30 cm/s

MH, SC2, LP3, and Titan1:   Blade: 45°/60°   Gram Force: 80-85   Speed: 300 mm/s    *Blade Advancing Varies

Titan 2 & 3:    Blade: 45°/60°    Gram Force: 80-85   Speed: 300 mm/s   *Blade Advancing Varies

Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness: 120 Microns/4.7 Mils
  • Applies to: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends
  • Temperature: 305°F/150°C
  • Time: 15 Seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Peel: Warm

Washing and Care Instructions:

  • Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Machine wash warm or cold
  • Use mild detergent
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Dry on normal setting
  • Wash regularly or inside-out

Technical Sheets / Safety Data Sheets / Documents


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