Chromaline AccuInk Ink Cartridges For Cannon Pixma IX6820


Are you a screen printer aiming for unparalleled quality and efficiency in producing dark film positives for burning screens on emulsion? Look no further than Chromaline’s AccuInk ink cartridges For the Cannon Pixma IX6820, meticulously designed to meet your needs.

Our AccuInk ink cartridges boast a dye/water-based formulation, specifically engineered with UV-blocking technology. This unique blend ensures exceptional image density while minimizing ink usage, ultimately leading to lower print costs and simplified stencil washout procedures compared to OEM inks.



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Chromaline AccuInk Ink Cartridges For Cannon Pixma IX6820 Key Features:

  • Dye-based ink for achieving the deepest black hues, essential for creating precise and detailed film positives.
  • UV-blocker added to enhance stencil washout, guaranteeing effortless screen preparation and superior print results.
  • Perfect compatibility with Chromaline’s AccuJet & AccuBlack films, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA, adhering to the highest quality standards and supporting local manufacturing.
  • For further guidance, consult our comprehensive User Guide.

Please note: Clear Set options do NOT include a Photoblack Slot Cartridge.

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Upgrade your screen printing process with Chromaline AccuInk Ink Cartridges today and experience the difference!

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