Monarch Apocalypse LB Standard Colors – MP8-0116 Vegas Gold


Introducing Monarch Apocalypse LB Standard Colors in MP8-0116 Vegas Gold:

Elevate your screen printing projects with Monarch Apocalypse LB Standard Colors in MP8-0116 Vegas Gold. This vibrant shade brings a burst of energy to your designs, offering unmatched opacity and vividness for eye-catching prints.

Experience the Superior Quality of Monarch Plastisol Ink:

Monarch Plastisol Ink sets the industry standard with its exceptional qualities. With unparalleled opacity and a creamy texture, this ink ensures smooth, one-stroke coverage on both Manual and Automatic Screen Presses. Say goodbye to color matching headaches and hello to precise Pantone matches with Monarch Apocalypse LB Standard Colors.

Versatile and Reliable Performance:

Our Vegas Gold ink is versatile and reliable, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re printing on cotton, polyester, or a blend of both, MP8-0116 Vegas Gold delivers consistent results with ease. Plus, its exceptional adhesion ensures long-lasting prints that stand the test of time.

Take your prints to the next level with Monarch Apocalypse LB Standard Colors in MP8-0116 Vegas Gold.

“The approximate PMS color is PMS 4545 C. Please note that these colors are not pantone-specific, so the match may not be exact.”



Key Features of the Monarch Apocalypse Series:

  1. Low Temperature Curing: The Apocalypse series is formulated to cure at lower temperatures, making it suitable for heat-sensitive substrates like polyester and performance fabrics.
  2. Exceptional Opacity: These inks offer outstanding coverage and opacity, ensuring vibrant and vivid prints on both light and dark-colored garments.
  3. Versatile Application: The Apocalypse series is versatile and suitable for a wide range of substrates, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more.
  4. Smooth Texture: With a creamy texture, these inks provide smooth printing and excellent ink flow, resulting in crisp and clean prints.
  5. Superior Adhesion: The Apocalypse series ensures excellent adhesion to the substrate, minimizing ink bleeding and ensuring long-lasting prints.
  6. Pantone Matching: Monarch Plastisol Ink offers precise Pantone matching, allowing for consistent and accurate color reproduction across different printing jobs.
  7. Easy to Use: Designed for ease of use, the Apocalypse series is suitable for both manual and automatic screen printing presses, making it accessible to printers of all levels of experience.

Technical Specifications

Printing Directions for Monarch Apocalypse Plastisol Ink on Polyester:

  1. Preparation: Ensure that the polyester fabric is clean and free from any contaminants. Pre-treat the fabric if required, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Screen Preparation: Use an emulsion specifically made for use with plastisol inks when coating your screens. To combat dye migration and achieve better ink coverage, opt for a lower mesh count such as 110 or 125. The lower mesh count will deposit a thicker layer of ink, enhancing color vibrancy and preventing dye migration.
  3. Ink Mixing: Mix the Monarch APOCALYPSE Plastisol Ink thoroughly before use to achieve consistent color and texture. If you plan to create a custom Pantone color using this system, you can utilize the Monarch Color Mixing System available at the following link: Monarch Color Mixing System. This tool will aid you in achieving accurate Pantone matches for your printing projects.
  4. Underbase/Gray Blocker: For challenging materials like polyester camo, consider using a white underbase or a gray blocker. The underbase will help enhance the vibrancy of the colors and prevent the fabric color from affecting the final print’s brightness.
  5. Printing: Apply the ink to the screen and position it correctly over the garment. Flood the screen and ensure the ink fully covers the design area.
  6. Print Stroke: Use a smooth and even print stroke to ensure even ink distribution on the fabric. For optimal results, use a single print stroke for one-stroke coverage whenever possible.
  7. Curing Temperature: Polyester is sensitive to heat, and dyes in the fabric may migrate at high temperatures. To prevent dye migration and maintain the fabric’s color integrity, ensure your conveyor dryers are set below 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius). The Monarch APOCALYPSE Plastisol Ink cures at 280 degrees Fahrenheit (137 degrees Celsius), providing excellent adhesion and durability.
  8. Curing Time: Maintain the garment inside the conveyor dryer for a full minute and a half. This duration allows the ink to fully cure and adhere to the fabric. Always perform a stretch test after curing to ensure the ink does not crack and is fully cured onto the garment.
  9. Cooling and Stacking: Be cautious when stacking freshly cured shirts, as certain dyes can gas and transfer onto the back of the next shirt if they are stacked while too hot. To prevent this, we recommend making three stacks so each shirt has longer to cool and reduce the risk of dye transfer. Alternatively, consider adding a fan cooling bar at the end of your conveyor belt exit feed to enhance cooling and prevent unwanted dye migration.
  10. Testing and Quality Control: Perform a wash test on a sample garment to ensure the ink adheres properly and retains its color after washing. Check for any issues related to dye migration or color changes.
  11. Clean Up: Clean screens and equipment thoroughly after printing to maintain their longevity and ensure consistent print quality in future runs.

Storage Instructions:

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of Monarch Apocalpyse Plastisol Ink, it is essential to follow proper storage guidelines:

  1. Room Temperature Storage: Store the ink containers in a cool and dry environment at room temperature. Avoid exposing the ink to extreme temperatures, such as freezing or high heat, as this can negatively impact the ink’s consistency and printing properties.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep the ink away from direct sunlight or strong UV light sources. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the ink to gel in the container and lead to undesirable changes in consistency.
  3. Avoid Warm Temperatures: Monarch Apocalpyse Plastisol Ink is a low-cure ink, and exposure to warmer temperatures can cause gelling, making it challenging to print or even ruin the product. Prevent storing the ink in areas prone to excessive heat.
  4. Proper Sealing: Always ensure that the ink containers are tightly sealed after each use. This prevents air and contaminants from entering the containers, maintaining the ink’s quality and preventing premature drying or thickening.
  5. Regular Inspection: Periodically check the ink containers for any signs of spoilage, contamination, or change in consistency. If any abnormalities are detected, refrain from using the ink and contact the manufacturer or supplier for assistance.

By following these storage instructions, you can prolong the shelf life of Monarch Apocalpyse Plastisol Ink and maintain its smooth texture and printing properties, ensuring exceptional results for your screen printing projects. Remember, proper ink storage is essential for achieving consistent and high-quality prints.

Note: Always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear when working with plastisol ink and using conveyor dryers. Proper ventilation in the printing area is essential to minimize exposure to fumes.

By following these directions, using the right emulsion and mesh count, utilizing the Monarch Color Mixing System for custom Pantone colors, and implementing careful cooling and stacking practices, you can achieve exceptional results when printing with Monarch Apocalpyse Plastisol Ink on polyester. Happy printing!


Before proceeding with the printing process, it is crucial to perform a test on a sample garment using all inks from the Monarch Apocalypse LB Blending System. Testing the inks on a sample garment ensures that the color remains consistent during the curing process and in the days following printing.

Please note that River City or any affiliated entities are not responsible for any issues related to dye migration or incorrect use of this product. It is the user’s responsibility to conduct proper testing and adhere to recommended guidelines for the best printing results.

We highly recommend performing a wash test and evaluating the cured print’s color stability before mass production. This precautionary step will help you achieve the desired print quality and minimize the risk of any unforeseen color changes.

By following our guidelines and performing thorough testing, you can ensure a successful printing experience with the Monarch APOCALYPSE LB Blending System. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are confident that our premium inks will deliver outstanding results when used correctly. Happy printing!


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