Printers Choice Gray Super Blocker Plastisol Ink – Your Solution for Preventing Dye Migration

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When it comes to achieving pristine prints on 100% polyester dark-colored garments that are notorious for dye migration issues, Printers Choice Super Blocker is the go-to solution. Whether you’re using it as an underbase or for cold peel transfers, this innovative ink is your first line of defense against dye molecules that threaten to spoil your designs. With its specialized formula, Printers Choice Super Blocker effectively filters out those pesky dye molecules, preventing them from reaching the ink surface. Say goodbye to dye migration headaches and hello to vibrant, durable prints that truly stand out. Trust in Printers Choice Super Blocker to elevate the quality and longevity of your prints on challenging polyester fabrics, ensuring your customers receive nothing but the best.


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Printers Choice Gray Super Blocker Plastisol Ink Key Features:

  • Dye Migration Defense: Say goodbye to dye migration nightmares! Printers Choice Super Blocker is your ultimate shield against dye migration on 100% polyester dark-colored garments. We’ve developed this ink to tackle the toughest challenges, ensuring that dye molecules never reach the ink surface.
  • High Opacity, Low Hassle: Our high-opacity formula effortlessly conceals dark backgrounds, allowing your designs to truly shine. No more frustrating underbase struggles – Printers Choice Super Blocker has got you covered.
  • Easy Printing, Every Time: Whether you’re working with manual or automatic machines, you’ll love the smooth and consistent viscosity of Printers Choice Super Blocker. Printing has never been this easy or precise.
  • Compliant and Safe: We take safety seriously. That’s why our formulation is completely phthalate-free and lead-free, aligning with all the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). You can trust that our ink meets the strictest regulations, ensuring both quality and safety.

? Unleash Your Creativity: With Printers Choice Gray Super Blocker Non-Phthalate Plastisol Ink, you have the freedom to explore new design possibilities on challenging fabrics. Elevate your printing game, tackle polyester garments with confidence, and achieve the vibrant, professional results your customers deserve.

? Perfect for Your Business: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting in the printing business, Printers Choice Super Blocker is your partner for success. It’s designed for versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of printing applications.

Upgrade your printing game today! Choose Printers Choice Gray Super Blocker Non-Phthalate Plastisol Ink and experience the difference in print quality, ease of use, and compliance. It’s time to take your prints to the next level!

? Order Now and Elevate Your Printing Standards with Printers Choice Super Blocker – The Ultimate Defense Against Dye Migration!

Technical Specifications

Printing Directions for Printers Choice Underbase Blocker:

  1. Mesh Selection: For optimal results, use a mesh screen with a mesh count of 110 or lower. This lower mesh count allows for better ink coverage and adhesion.
  2. Prepare Your Screen: Ensure your screen is properly prepared, clean, and free from any contaminants. Proper screen preparation is essential for achieving consistent results.
  3. Ink Application: Apply Printers Choice Underbase Blocker evenly onto the screen. Be mindful of using an even, consistent pressure during the application to achieve a smooth and uniform coat.
  4. Printing: Position your garment onto the screen, aligning it as needed for your design. Apply the ink evenly onto the fabric using your printing press, ensuring thorough coverage of the desired areas.
  5. Flashing (Optional): For added versatility and creativity, consider flashing the underbase ink. Flashing involves briefly applying heat to the ink, just enough to gel it. This allows you to cover it with your desired color plastisol, creating unique effects and layering options in your design.
  6. Curing Process: After printing and optional flashing, it’s crucial to cure the ink properly. Set your heat source to 280 degrees Fahrenheit (138 degrees Celsius), and expose the printed area to this temperature for a minimum of one and a half minutes. This curing process ensures the ink adheres securely to the fabric.
  7. Avoid Excess Heat: Be cautious not to exceed temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 degrees Celsius) during the curing process. Excessive heat can trigger dye migration in polyester fabrics, compromising the final print quality.
  8. Testing: Before embarking on a full print run, always perform a test print to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Testing helps fine-tune the printing parameters and ensures consistency in your final prints.

Important Note: River City and its affiliates are not liable for any misuse of the product or any issues related to dye migration. It is the responsibility of the printer to test and verify the compatibility of Printers Choice Underbase Blocker with specific fabrics and printing conditions. Exercise caution and adhere to the recommended curing temperatures to avoid potential issues. Explore flashing for creative possibilities in your designs.

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