Printers Choice Premium Low Bleed Low Cure Dallas Green Plastisol Ink for 100% Polyester

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Low Cure Low Bleed Premium inks were developed for printing on difficult polyester materials that have a tendency to bleed and migrate.  The premium series of plastisol inks cures at 280 degrees instead of the normal 320 degrees which helps prevent dyes from migrating.  Easy to print on both automatic and manual presses; you can use these inks on 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, and 100% polyester shirts.  The Printers Choice Premium series is our most popular, softest, high opacity, with a matte finish for printing on polyester.  These plastisol inks are formulated to be used right out of the bucket for wet-on-wet production and provide extremely low build up.



Printers Choice Premium Series Features:

  • Excellent Bleed Resistance
  • High Opacity
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Good Stretch
  • Lilac Masking Smell
  • Fast Flash
  • Little Tack
  • Matte Finish
  • Phthalate Compliant

Note:  The low cure inks need to be stored at room temperature!!  With the lower cure temperature comes a much lower gel temperature which can cause them to cure in the bucket.

Technical Specifications

Substrates:   Recommended for 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton, and Cotton/Blends
Mesh:    86 – 230 Monofilaments
Gel Temp.: 115° – 130°F
Fusion:   280°F for 1 minute 30 seconds
Application:   Direct Printing Inks (Wet on Wet)


  • Non-phthalate
  • High opacity
  • High speed with excellent wet on wet printing

Storage of ink containers: Recommend storage at 65F to 80F.  Avoid storage in direct sunlight.  Keep containers well sealed.

Note:  Always pre-test product before doing a production run.  Test material to make sure ink is fully fused.

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