Printers Choice Printable Adhesive Non-Phthalate Plastisol Ink- For use with foils and flocks

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Printers Choice Plastisol Printable Adhesive is designed for producing puff heat transfers and adhesion of foils. Printers Choice Printable Adhesive will eliminate the need for powders. Adhesive has a very soft hand feel and good elongation.


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USES: To adhere foils to plastisol anywhere it is printed.

HOW TO USE: Print color(s) first, flash cure where necessary. Printers Choice printable adhesive is printed next and flashed. This will increase foil adhesion where desired. Excalibur 801PF Foil proof should be printed last. Print Foil Proof through a finer mesh than was used to print colors. The goal is to achieve a thinner ink film than the area to be foiled.

Adding a small amount (3% by weight or less), of Foil Proof to the ink will also aid in resisting foil. Be aware that adding more than 3% will affect viscosity and opacity.

FOIL TRANSFER METHOD: Set heat press to 375°. Apply with very medium pressure for 10 to 12 seconds. Peel foil slowly while still warm or completely cool.

OPACITY: Transparent

DRYING TIME: Gelling instead of fully curing the print initially, will result in a much better foil resist effect. Heat pressing the foil at 375°F will contribute to proper cure.

SCREEN FABRIC: Use 80-110 monofilament polyester on image areas requiring foil. Use 160-200 monofilament polyester on image areas which don’t require foil.

SCREEN COATING, FILM, BLOCKOUT: Use water soluble hand-cut, photo screens and blockouts with this ink or use other suitable products.

WASHUP: Spray Wipes and Ink Degradents


Technical Specifications

Application Settings:

Screen print your image to be foiled:
1. Mesh count should be between 60 and 110 (24cm and 43cm).
2. Suggested squeegee angle at 75°.
3. Set your print speed to medium.
4. Use a flood > print > print print stroke process.
5. Fully cure your garment at 284- 320° F (140-150°C) for 3 min.

If necessary add the recommended reducer.

Appling the foil:
1. Cut the textile foil to the desired shape and place it, color side up,over the area to be foiled.
2. Temperature setting: 284-320 °F (140-150°C).
3. Pressures setting : medium/firm or 40 -60psi (2.8-4.2 kgf/cm 2).
4. Dwell time: 6-15 seconds (depending on your heat press).
5. For best results, cool then peel foil away.

This is a typical print and transfer process. We recommend that you test the suitability of our foil for the field of application intended and under the printing and transferring conditions at your facility. Adjust appropriately until desired results are achieved.


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