Triangle STA-True Low Bleed 1707 Superior White Plastisol Ink – 50/50 Blends & 100% Polyester

Triangle Ink Company, Inc.

Triangle Superior White is our flagship product for printing on 100% polyester garments. This product provides maximum coverage and bleed resistancy that is 2nd to none. Superior White does not contain any organic peroxides or bleaching agents. That is why this high performance ink has no odor at all. Very creamy body from start to finish. Perfect on automatic presses and manual presses as well.
Finishes with a smooth touch and super opaque appearance. Recommended for fleece, polyester jerseys and all athletic wear in the polyester family.



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Polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends.

Note: Always test inks prior to production.

Technical Specifications

  • STOCK: Polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends.
  • STENCILS:  All types of solvent resistant emulsions are suitable.
  • SCREEN MESH: 110T monofilament is the popular choice; printers may also employ the use of mesh sizes 60T to 160T monofilament or equivalent.
  • CURING:  315º F TO 330º F depending on ink deposit, color and dryer efficiency.
  • WASH-UP: Press Wipes
  • MIXING PROCEDURES:  Stir well before using. For best results, do not add any reducers or additives to these inks.
  • CAUTION:  It is necessary to pre-test all fabrics prior to production, due to the various dye application methods. Ink films must be cured properly to give good wash resistance and in some cases to prevent “post-bleed‟ due to dye solubility. There is a tendency to under cure ink films to prevent dye migration due to heat, but this will only result in other problems. Some fabrics may need to be pre-heated to “set” the dyes-this is not altogether desirable, but will produce a more thorough cure due to moisture removal as well.
  • STORAGE PROCEDURE:  Store at room temperature. Keep away from heat.

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