Triangle STA-True Low Bleed 1706 EX Excel White Plastisol Ink – 50/50 Blends & 100% Polyester

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Introducing Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink – Ultimate Performance for Polyester Printing

The Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink is a superior-quality ink formulated specifically for printing on polyester fabrics. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this ink guarantees vibrant and durable prints that stand out from the rest.


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Triangle 1706 Excel White Plastisol Key Features:

1. Excellent Adhesion: The 1706 Poly Excel Ink is designed to adhere flawlessly to polyester materials, ensuring crisp and sharp prints that withstand repeated use and washing.

2. Vibrant Colors: Say goodbye to dull prints. This ink provides rich and vibrant colors that pop off the fabric, enhancing the visual appeal of your designs.

3. Minimal Show-Through: With excellent opacity, this ink minimizes show-through, even on dark polyester substrates, allowing for bold and eye-catching prints without compromising clarity.

4. Durable and Wash-Fast: Rest assured that your prints will remain intact, even after numerous washes. The 1706 Poly Excel Ink is engineered for utmost durability and exceptional wash-fastness, ensuring long-lasting prints that retain their original quality.

5. Easy to Use: This ink is easy to work with, allowing for smooth and trouble-free printing. Its creamy consistency ensures effortless application and effortless transfer onto polyester fabrics.

6. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re printing on polyester apparel, accessories, or promotional items, the 1706 Poly Excel Ink is versatile and compatible with various printing techniques, including screen printing, ensuring excellent results every time.

Trust Triangle, a reputable name in the screen printing industry, for the highest quality and performance. The 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink will elevate your polyester prints to a whole new level.

Please note: Follow manufacturer guidelines for curing temperature and time to ensure optimal results. Conduct adequate testing before a full production run.

Unleash your creativity and achieve outstanding results with the Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink. Order today and experience the ultimate performance for polyester printing.

Technical Specifications

*Technical Specifications: Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink**

– Ink Type: Plastisol
– Substrate Compatibility: Polyester fabrics
– Color Range: Vibrant and wide color selection
– Opacity: Excellent with minimal show-through on dark substrates
– Adhesion: Superior adhesion to polyester materials
– Wash-Fastness: Exceptional durability and color retention after multiple washes
– Cure Temperature: 320 degrees Fahrenheit
– Cure Time: 1.5 minutes
– Printing Techniques: Compatible with screen printing
– Shelf Life: Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Use before the expiration date mentioned on the product packaging.

**Directions for Use:**

1. Pre-Testing: Before beginning a full print run, it is crucial to conduct thorough testing to ensure ink compatibility, absence of dye migration, and proper adhesion to the polyester substrate. Evaluate the print quality, wash-fastness, and colorfastness through wash tests and visual inspection.

2. Prepare the Screen: Ensure your screen is properly prepared, coated, and dried before applying the Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink. Check for any inconsistencies or imperfections that may affect print quality.

3. Ink Mixing: Stir or shake the container of ink thoroughly to achieve uniform consistency. If necessary, add specialty additives or reducers as per your specific printing requirements.

4. Screen Printing: Apply the ink to the prepared screen using the desired printing technique. Ensure proper ink deposit and coverage for desired print opacity and clarity.

5. Curing: Place the printed substrate in a conveyor or heat press at a cure temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of 1.5 minutes. Ensure consistent heat distribution and adequate pressure for optimal curing.

6. Post-Curing: After curing, allow the printed garments to cool completely before handling or packing. This ensures the ink properly sets and maximizes its durability.

**Important Note:** River City Supply will not be held responsible for any misuse of the product, including inadequate testing, dye migration issues, or failure to achieve proper adhesion. It is the user’s responsibility to conduct necessary tests and adhere to proper curing techniques.

For further assistance or any inquiries related to the Triangle 1706 Poly Excel Plastisol Ink, please reach out to our customer support team.

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