Chromaline ChromaTech WR Emulsion – Works With Waterbase, Discharge, Plastisol Inks


ChromaTech WR is Chromaline’s latest water-resistant pure photopolymer emulsion. Dual cure technology built into a ready-to-use formula.



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  • Color: Blue
  • Solids: 46%
  • Viscosity: High
  • Fast Exposure
  • Excellent mesh bridging
  • Sharp image quality
  • Resistance to plastisol, water and discharge inks
  • Does NOT require stencil hardener chemistry

Technical Specifications

Degrease – Using a mesh degreaser, work up a lather on both sides of mesh. Flood screen and frame thoroughly with water, then dry.

Coat – Slowly apply first coat to print side. Then coat squeegee side with one coat. If a thicker stencil is desired, additional coats may be applied to the squeegee side while the emulsion is wet. Note that one coat on each side with ChromaBlue is similar to four coats wet on wet with typical diazo based emulsions. Dry thoroughly between coats.

Dry – Thoroughly dry screen in horizontal position, print side down, using a totally dark, clean drying cabinet. Temperature should not exceed 110 degrees

Expose – Place emulsion side of photopositive in contact with print side of screen. Exposure times for can vary based on your light source and coating methods; accurate exposure is important for optimal results. An exposure calculator is highly recommended to dial in your exposure times.

Develop – Gently spray both sides of screen with lukewarm water, wait 30 seconds then gently wash print side of the screen until image is fully open. Rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry screen completely and you are ready to print

*Handle in light safe conditions and make sure to store in a cool dry place.


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