Chromaline Chromalime Non Film Sticking Emulsion – Plastisol Ink Screen Printing


Introducing Chromaline Chromalime Pure Photopolymer Emulsion – The Ultimate Choice for Seamless Printing with Plastisol Inks in Vibrant Lime Green!

Experience unparalleled quality and efficiency with Chromalime, designed specifically for those seeking a superior printing solution. This remarkable photopolymer emulsion is meticulously crafted to bring your designs to life using plastisol inks, ensuring exceptional color vibrancy and durability.

What sets Chromalime apart is its optimized compatibility with LED exposure units, revolutionizing your workflow with lightning-fast exposures. Say goodbye to extended waiting times – our emulsion is engineered for rapid drying and exposing, maximizing your productivity without compromising on print precision.

The eye-catching lime green color not only adds a dash of vibrancy to your printing process but also enhances visibility for precise registration and flawless outcomes. Achieve sharp, crisp lines and intricate details with ease, transforming your prints into works of art.

Unleash your creativity and streamline your plastisol printing process with Chromaline Chromalime Pure Photopolymer Emulsion. Elevate your projects to new heights of excellence – order now and experience the future of printing innovation!


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Discover the Power of Chromaline Chromalime Pure Photopolymer Emulsion – Packed with Key Features for Unrivaled Printing Precision:

  1. Humidity-Defying Formula: Reformulated to combat humidity, Chromalime ensures consistent results in various environmental conditions, giving you confidence in your prints.
  2. Versatile Exposure Compatibility: Seamlessly transition between UV LED and traditional exposure systems, offering flexibility without compromising on quality.
  3. High Solids Content: With an impressive 40% solids content, Chromalime provides the perfect balance of viscosity for smooth application and impeccable coverage.
  4. Vibrant Lime Color: The lime green hue not only catches the eye but also enhances exposure accuracy, facilitating easy registration and flawless prints.
  5. Enhanced Resolution: Experience superior print clarity with improved resolution and definition, transforming your designs into intricate masterpieces.
  6. Optimized UV LED & UV Exposure: Achieve exceptional results with both UV LED and traditional UV exposure systems, maximizing your efficiency and creativity.
  7. Rapid Exposure Speed: Benefit from super-fast exposure times, reducing waiting periods and boosting your overall production rate.
  8. Film Release Innovation: Bid farewell to sticking issues with inkjet films – Chromalime eliminates or significantly reduces film adhesion, ensuring clean transfers and precise prints.
  9. Humidity-Resistant Performance: Stay productive even in high humidity conditions; Chromalime remains non-tacky, preventing mishaps and maintaining print integrity.
  10. Unmatched Translucency: Enjoy optimal translucency for effortless registration and quicker press setups, making your printing process smoother and more efficient.

Elevate your printing game with Chromaline Chromalime Pure Photopolymer Emulsion. Embrace these key features and unlock a new level of printing perfection. Your vision, our innovation – the ultimate partnership for remarkable prints.

Technical Specifications

Using Chromaline ChromaLime Emulsion: Step-by-Step Guide:

Note: Before you begin the emulsion application process, make sure to perform all steps in a light-safe environment to prevent premature exposure.

Achieve exceptional screen printing results with Chromaline ChromaLime Emulsion. Follow these straightforward steps to ensure proper application and impeccable prints:

Materials Required:

  • Mesh degreaser
  • Chromaline ChromaLime Emulsion
  • Scoop coater
  • Clean drying cabinet
  • Exposure unit with photopositive
  • Lukewarm water source
  • Clean and dark workspace


  1. Degrease the Mesh: Apply a mesh degreaser to both sides of the mesh, creating a lather. Thoroughly rinse the screen and frame with water, then allow it to dry completely.
  2. Coating Process: Place the screen on a stable surface, slightly tilted upwards. Pour an adequate amount of ChromaLime Emulsion into your scoop coater. Hold the scoop coater at a slight angle and apply the emulsion to the print side of the screen. Ensure even and consistent coverage by making a smooth, steady pass with the coater. Flip the screen over and use the scoop coater to apply one coat of emulsion to the squeegee side. For a thicker stencil, apply additional coats to the squeegee side while the emulsion is still wet. Note: One coat on each side of ChromaLime is equivalent to four coats of wet-on-wet application with typical diazo-based emulsions. Allow the emulsion to dry completely between coats.
  3. Level Drying: Place the screen in a clean and dark drying cabinet, ensuring the screens are completely level with the print side facing down. Allow the cabinet’s temperature to remain below 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius). Allow the emulsion to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  4. Film Positive Placement: Position the film positive on the shirt side of the screen, ensuring it is in contact with the emulsion. Expose the screen using your exposure unit. Exposure times may vary based on your light source and coating methods. Accurate exposure is crucial for optimal results. Consider using an exposure calculator to determine the ideal exposure time.
  5. Development: Gently spray both sides of the screen with lukewarm water. Wait for about 30 seconds. Gently wash the print side of the screen until the image is fully open and visible. Rinse both sides of the screen thoroughly with water. Ensure the screen is completely dry before proceeding to the printing stage.
  6. Printing: With the properly exposed and developed screen, you are now ready to proceed with your screen printing process.
  7. Final Steps: Handle the screen and emulsion in a light-safe environment to prevent premature exposure. Store ChromaLime Emulsion in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can harness the capabilities of Chromaline ChromaLime Emulsion to achieve impeccable screen printing results. Elevate your prints with this high-quality emulsion and bring your creative vision to life with confidence and precision.

For optimal emulsion results, it’s crucial to use an exposure calculator tailored to your specific setup. Exposure times can vary based on factors such as coating technique, light source, emulsion type, and thickness. Utilizing an exposure calculator ensures precise and customized exposure times, enabling you to fine-tune your emulsion process for exceptional screen printing outcomes.

If you encounter challenges in achieving optimal screen exposure, we invite you to explore our emulsion troubleshooting page. Here, you’ll find valuable insights into common issues and effective solutions, aimed at helping you resolve any challenges during the emulsion process. Our comprehensive troubleshooting guide is designed to provide you with the necessary support to ensure consistent and successful screen printing outcomes.

Emulsion Troubleshooting Guide

SHIPPING NOTE: This product is not freeze/thaw stable and will not ship during freezing temperatures.

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