Vastex F-1000 18″x18” Entry Level Flash Cure Unit


High wattage and close coil density heater, for greater heater surface consistency. Powerful heaters with built-in heat shields allow Vastex flashes to be set closer to your garment, which increases efficiency and productivity. 15 Year Heater Warranty





  • 15 Year Heater Warranty
  • 1,950 Watt IR Heater
  • Heat control with power lights
  • Heavy duty side handles and locking wheels
  • Head leveler to adjust the heater parallel
  • to the pallet
  • Heat shields for even heater temperature


  • Optional on F-100 and F-1000 Flash Cure units is an Auto-Flash upgrade that rotates the head into place above the pallet of a screen printing press with the touch of a foot pedal, and automatically rotates the head away from the pallet after a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed. The AutoFlash unit provides an accurate and repeatable amount of time to flash your garment. Both overflashing and underflashing is a problem many people overlook in this important process

  • The Dual Rotary Pallet Adapter option allows you to additionally use an F-100 and F-1000 Flash Cure Unit as a low cost dryer. After loading a garment on one of the ventilated steel pallets, simply rotate it into the heater zone. Load another garment onto the other ventilated pallet and, when the first garment has cured, rotate the adapter 180° to cure the next garment, and so on. Remove one pallet within seconds and you can flash and cure with the same unit by swinging the head.

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