Nortech ECO Frame with Four Locking Strips – 23″x31”


The ECO Frame product line was designed to accommodate a host of needs presented in the screen printing industry. The ECO Frame provides the ability to be well prepared for whatever complexities the consumer demands. Within two minutes you can change mesh counts and move on to your next job. The ECO Frame allows printers to stretch on demand, with no adhesives that can fail in the reclaim process or harm the environment.  With the ability to store 18 panels in the space of one frame this dramatically reduces shipping expenses and warehouse space required.

Note: This is a drop ship item and ships from Nortech directly to you.   Nortech strives to manufacture and ship as soon as possible, but shipping times can vary. For any issues or product details please contact Nortech @ 800-743-6473.


QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
1 - 5$45.99 Per Item
6 - 11$40.99 Per Item
12 - 109$38.99 Per Item
110 or more$32.99 Per Item
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The Nortech ECO Frame is not only a cost-effective and time-saving solution,  it is also eco friendly!

  •    The frames are constructed using fully recyclable aluminum.
  •    The mesh panels are 100% recyclable.
  •    The mesh is securely attached without adhesives.
  •    Recycling mesh panels supports a “chemical free” wash booth process.
  •    Re-stretching on demand eliminates shipping frames back and forth, reducing the carbon footprint.
  •    All frames are welded and are airtight, so they are dip tank safe.

Panels are woven into a plastic locking strip. The locking strip replaces glues, ensuring that chemicals will not degrade the mechanism used to hold the mesh in a panel or on the frame. The mesh has more longevity in your print cycle.

The ECO Frame is quickly gaining popularity in the industry for the reasons listed above, and many more.  It is constructed from a superior grade of aluminum for strength and consistency, and is produced using cutting-edge technology and trade specific engineering.  Aluminum frames have dominated the market for their dependability and light weight.  ECO Frames will continue that success to the consumer as a super-efficient product delivering a sustainable item that will save time and money for years to come.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 23″x31″
  • Weight: 4.4lbs

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