PMI 451 Split Tape 2″ Wide – Precision Screen Printing Tape for Speed and Efficiency


PMI Split Tape redefines screen printing precision with its ingenious design tailored to enhance your workflow. This tape ensures your designs remain sharp and crisp, free from unwanted residue, tearing, or damage to your emulsion. Elevate your screen printing game with the reliable performance of PMI Split Tape.


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PMI 451 Split Tape 2″ Wide Key Features:

  • Residue-Free Removal: PMI Split Tape features specially designed blue areas that are free from adhesive. When you peel the tape, it leaves no residue behind, keeping your screens and designs pristine without the need for extra cleaning.
  • Tear-Resistant: The quality construction of PMI Split Tape ensures that it tears cleanly and precisely, providing consistent results every time. Say goodbye to frustrations caused by tape tearing unevenly or inconsistently.
  • Emulsion Protection: With PMI Split Tape, you can trust that your emulsion remains unharmed during the tape removal process. Bid farewell to concerns about damaging your emulsion while achieving clean edges in your designs.
  • Smart Design: The blue side of PMI Split Tape leans against the well of the frame, while the white adhesive side blocks out the mesh, preventing ink from penetrating through. This innovative feature ensures sharp separation between colors and maintains the integrity of your prints.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Tape Dimensions: 3″ Width x 60 Yards Length
  • Application: Screen Printing
  • Adhesion: Reliable with Clean Removal

Elevate your screen printing craftsmanship with PMI 451 Split Tape. Experience the advantage of precision, enjoy smudge-free prints, and streamline your screen preparation process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, PMI 451 Split Tape is the essential tool to achieve remarkable results in your screen printing projects.

Using PMI Split Tape on the Wall of Your Frame – Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Prepare Your Frame: Ensure your screen printing frame is clean and free from debris, dust, or any contaminants that might interfere with the tape’s adhesion.
  2. Choose the Width: Select the appropriate width of PMI Split Tape based on your frame’s dimensions. It’s available in both 4″ and 3″ widths to match your specific needs.
  3. Position the Tape: Hold the PMI Split Tape with the adhesive side facing towards the frame. Position the tape along the wall of the frame where you want to achieve color separation.
  4. Align the Design: Carefully align the edge of the tape with the area where you want to separate colors. The blue side of the tape should lean against the well of the frame, and the white adhesive side should face the mesh.
  5. Apply the Tape: Begin applying the tape along the frame’s wall, ensuring it sticks firmly as you go. Press down along the entire length of the tape to ensure proper adhesion.
  6. Smooth Out Air Bubbles: While applying the tape, watch out for air bubbles or wrinkles. If any appear, gently lift the tape and reapply it while smoothing out the surface to eliminate bubbles.
  7. Continue the Process: If you’re working on a multi-color design, repeat the process for each color separation, ensuring precise alignment and tape placement.
  8. Complete the Taping: Once you’ve applied PMI Split Tape to achieve color separation on all desired areas of the frame, make sure the tape is securely adhered without any gaps.
  9. Ready for Printing: With the PMI Split Tape in place, your screen is now prepared for printing. Enjoy the convenience of clean color separation, minimizing ink bleeding between colors.

Remember, the blue side of the tape prevents ink from penetrating through the mesh, ensuring clear and defined color separation. The white adhesive side secures the tape to the frame’s wall without leaving residue. PMI Split Tape enhances your screen printing precision and efficiency, allowing you to achieve outstanding results.

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