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Introducing Matsui Acrylicon White – the ultimate solution for direct printing and mixing on “Performance” and high stretch fabrics. This high-quality acrylic-based white ink sets a new standard for softness, elasticity, and durability, delivering outstanding results that meet the demands of modern textile printing.

Matsui Acrylicon White offers exceptional versatility, allowing you to mix it with “Neo Pigments” to achieve an incredibly soft hand feel and excellent elasticity in your prints. Experience the epitome of comfort and quality, as this ink embraces the fabric’s texture, providing a soft and “silicon-like” finish with zero tackiness.

Crafted with meticulous precision, Matsui Acrylicon White ensures easy application, seamless mixing, and superb printability. It is the perfect choice for high-performance fabrics that require unparalleled softness and flexibility.

Elevate your textile printing projects with Matsui Acrylicon White, and unlock a world of creative possibilities. Experience the softness and elasticity that revolutionizes your designs, making them stand out with a luxurious finish that leaves a lasting impression. Trust in Matsui’s legacy of excellence, and achieve remarkable results with Matsui Acrylicon White for your direct print and mixing needs on high stretch fabrics.


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  • Experience the next level of textile printing with Matsui Acrylicon White – a cutting-edge solution packed with exceptional features. Designed for easy mixing and printing, this ink opens the door to endless creative possibilities.
  • Mix it up! Matsui Acrylicon White can be blended with “Neo Pigments” up to 15%, allowing you to create a vibrant spectrum of colors and achieve an incredibly soft hand feel that sets your prints apart.
  • Printing made easy! With excellent printability and no need for viscosity adjustments, Matsui Acrylicon White ensures a seamless and hassle-free printing experience.
  • Unparalleled softness! Say goodbye to stiff prints. Matsui Acrylicon White delivers an unmatched softness that PVC inks simply can’t match, providing your garments with an irresistible feel.
  • Elasticity at its best! Perfect for Dri-fit performance fabrics, Matsui Acrylicon White boasts excellent elasticity, ensuring your prints can keep up with active lifestyles.
  • Opaque white with a touch of luxury! Experience the richness of an opaque white print with a superb softness that elevates your designs to new heights.
  • Eco-friendly choice! As a “PVC Free” and environmentally safe ink, Matsui Acrylicon White aligns with your commitment to sustainability.
  • Upgrade your textile printing game with Matsui Acrylicon White and enjoy the ease of mixing, exceptional softness, and outstanding elasticity it brings to your prints. Trust in Matsui’s expertise to deliver an ink that sets new standards in the world of fabric printing.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

Application: Print through fine screen mesh up to 160 mc in (63 mc cm) when cured at 320°F (160°C), Acrylicon White produces a soft and unique hand feel, setting new standards in textile printing.

Special Recommendations: To ensure optimal performance, mix Acrylicon White in clean vessels with clean mixing blades and utensils, avoiding any contamination that could affect ink quality. Adherence to approved additives is crucial to maintain compliance with restricted PVC regulations.

Versatile Additives: For enhanced performance and printing convenience, consider using the following additives with Acrylicon White:

  • Retarder MG (1-5%): Extend open time in the screen for smooth and easy printing.
  • Fixer WF-N (1-5%): Improve wash fastness, ensuring durable prints that withstand repeated washings.
  • Softener MG (1-4%): Enhance ink penetration into the garment, resulting in long-lasting, vivid prints.
  • Thickener B (.25-1%): Achieve desired ink thickness for better control and coverage during printing.
  • RV Additive (1-3%): Reduce ink viscosity, streamlining the printing process for more efficient results.

For added convenience and consistent results, consider using Matsui Quick Additive (6-9%). This all-in-one solution includes all three additives (Retarder, Fixer N, and Softener) in a balanced blend, streamlining the ink mixing process and ensuring optimal printability. The Matsui Quick Additive provides a hassle-free way to achieve the desired characteristics in your prints, making it a preferred choice for efficient and exceptional screen printing results.

Technical Data Sheet:

  • Wet Ink Tack: Low
  • After Flash Tack: Low
  • Printability: Excellent
  • Surface Appearance: Matte
  • Opacity/Viscosity: Excellent/Low
  • Bleed Resistance: None
  • Flash Temperature: 160°F (71°C)/decreases with deposit thickness
  • Cure Temperature: 320°F (160°C)
  • Squeegee Hardness: Medium
  • Squeegee Blade: Sharp
  • Squeegee Angle: 45 degrees to screen
  • Squeegee Speed: Medium
  • Underlay: Excellent
  • Emulsion: Direct or indirect
  • Mesh Count: 86-160 mc in (34-63 mc cm)
  • Thinner: RV Additive
  • Thickener: Thickener B
  • Storage: 65°F to 95°F (18°C to 35°C). Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Cleanup: Water and mild soap or detergent
  • Color Range: White
  • Substrate Type: Cotton
  • Substrate Color(s): Light, Medium, and Dark Fabrics

With Matsui Acrylicon White, you can achieve exceptional results on a variety of fabrics, experiencing unmatched softness and print quality. Follow the provided technical specifications and special recommendations to unleash the full potential of this advanced water-based ink and create prints that truly stand out. Trust Matsui’s expertise and innovation for a seamless and successful printing experience.

Note: The printer must test the ink before a production run. River City Supply and affiliates are not responsible for dye migration or misuse of this product. It is imperative for the printer to test and ensure the ink is properly cured and opaque enough to prevent dye migration on particular fabrics.

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