NBC Beta Series Screen Printing Mesh 55″ Wide (Sold By The Yard)

NBC Beta (β) Series polyester monofilament mesh is designed for standard screen printing applications such as textile, glass, and ceramic tile printing. It encompasses a range of mesh specifications, all using NBC’s EX Screen, a high modulus polyester monofilament.

Beta Series mesh benefits from an optimized production process, which allows NBC to pass on cost savings to the customer. However, it features the same NBC quality as Alpha Series and other NBC products, produced under the same quality control standards. As a result, Beta Series mesh delivers high dimensional accuracy and tension stability, at an affordable cost.


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NBC’s EX Screen is NBC’s high modulus polyester mesh that delivers improved productivity and repeatability to your screen printing process through superior physical strength. EX Screen is NBC’s standard for mesh counts with a thread diameter ranging from 35 to 80 microns.


  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent tension stability

Technical Specifications

Every roll of NBC polyester mesh is supplied with an inspection tag. While flaws are kept to a minimum by careful quality control, any flaw found after thorough inspection is clearly marked to prevent it being stretched into your image area.  Thickness and mesh count are precisely controlled and documented on the tag—critical information for setting your production standards. In addition, NBC compensates for flaws y adding one half yard of mesh to the end of the roll free of charge for each flaw. (Any marked flaws within an 18″ space are considered to be one flaw and compensated with a ½ yard of material.) Each flaw is clearly marked on the selvage edge with a red triangle on a blue pressure sensitive label.

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