Murakami Smart Mesh Bolts


Murakami S Mesh resists squeegee abrasion better, especially in shops that do not adjust squeegee angles or pressure.  Typically with all S mesh you can use slightly more angle and less pressure than is needed for T or HD mesh.  The benefits listed below also apply to Polyester S-Mesh with the exception of the thread construction.  LX has unique thread construction.  See mesh guide below for available mesh counts.


  • Less squeegee pressure needed.
  • Stronger base plate opacity.
  • Softer Hand plastisol prints.
  • More retained details in the print.
  • Stronger color for discharge with more image detail.
  • Higher mesh counts can be used with similar results to lower mesh counts.
  • 45 and 55 line halftones can be imaged on 150LX and 180LX.


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S Mesh Chart

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S Mesh Chart

S Mesh Chart


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