Murakami Emulsion Hardener (B) Two Part Hardener


Introducing Murakami Part B Permanent Emulsion Hardener – Elevate Your Screen Printing to Unbeatable Durability!

Murakami Part B Permanent Emulsion Hardener is the essential second step in creating screens that stand the test of time. When used in conjunction with Part A, this remarkable emulsion hardener ensures your screens are fortified for the most demanding printing conditions, making it the ideal choice for water-based and discharge inks from leading brands such as Printers Choice, Matsui, CCI, Magna, and Speed Ball.


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Murakami Part B Emulsion Hardener Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Unmatched Screen Durability: With Murakami Part B, take your screen printing game to the next level. It forms an unyielding bond within your emulsion, guaranteeing unrivaled screen strength and longevity.
  2. Enhanced Water Resistance: No more worrying about ink breakdown due to moisture. Part B’s advanced formula enhances the water resistance of your screens, ensuring flawless prints even under challenging circumstances.
  3. Designed for Water-Based & Discharge Inks: Tailored specifically for water-based and discharge inks from trusted brands, Murakami Part B is your go-to choice for durability in these specialized printing applications.
  4. Uncompromised Quality: Expect consistent, professional-grade results with every print run, thanks to Part B’s ability to preserve screen integrity and image definition.
  5. Streamlined Reclaiming: Elevate your screen reclaiming process with Part B, which combines seamlessly with Part A for efficient and cost-effective cleaning.

Note: Please be aware that using Murakami Part B Permanent Emulsion Hardener may result in emulsion becoming very difficult to reclaim from the screens. Proper handling and disposal procedures should be followed according to local regulations. We recommend cleaning the screens promptly after printing to avoid any buildup of ink and emulsion, as the hardened emulsion may be challenging to remove after the use of Part B.

Don’t settle for screens that wear down quickly or compromise your print quality. Embrace the power of Murakami Part B Permanent Emulsion Hardener to create durable, high-performing screens that excel with water-based and discharge inks. Experience the confidence of knowing your screens are built to last, even under the most demanding printing conditions. Elevate your screen printing to unmatched durability with Murakami Part B Permanent Emulsion Hardener.

Technical Specifications

Directions to Apply Murakami Emulsion Hardener for Enhanced Screen Strength (Water-Based & Discharge Printing):

  1. Preparation: Ensure that the screen is coated with a suitable emulsion and has been exposed and dried according to the emulsion manufacturer’s guidelines. The emulsion should be fully dry and ready for further treatment.
  2. Mixing: Prepare the emulsion hardener according to the manufacturer’s recommended mixing ratios. Use precise measurements to achieve the desired strength and durability.
  3. Thorough Stirring: Stir the emulsion hardener mixture thoroughly to ensure even distribution of the hardener throughout the solution.
  4. Screen Coating: Apply the emulsion hardener mixture to both sides of the dry screen using a clean coating trough or scoop coater. Ensure that the hardener covers the entire screen surface evenly for consistent results.
  5. Drying: Allow the emulsion hardener to dry on the screen. Follow the recommended drying time provided by the manufacturer. Proper drying is essential for the hardener to bond effectively with the emulsion.

Note: Please be aware that the use of emulsion hardener may make the emulsion difficult to reclaim from the screens. Due to the enhanced durability, the emulsion may not break down as easily during the reclaiming process. Proper handling and disposal procedures should be followed according to local regulations.

By following these instructions, you can strengthen your screens for water-based and discharge printing applications. The emulsion hardener will provide increased durability and water resistance, allowing you to achieve high-quality and long-lasting prints with confidence. However, remember the note regarding the reclaiming difficulty, and take necessary precautions to handle and dispose of the emulsion properly. Embrace the power of emulsion hardener to elevate your screen printing and create screens that can withstand the challenges of water-based and discharge inks.

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