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Franmar’s Haze Remover Gel is an exclusive gel formula that allows greater control for removing ghost and haze images. This gel formula clings to the affected haze area and can be left on for long periods of time for tough or stubborn ghost images. Good haze removal practices save screen printers money with longer usability of screens.


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  • Promotes Longer Life of Screens
  • Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
  • Formerly Known as d-Haze Gel
  • Safe on Mesh
  • Clings to Haze Area
  • Gelled for Greater Control
  • Can be Left on Overnight

Technical Specifications


Do not get Haze Remover Gel on the glued portion of the screen as it will remove glues and adhesives.

1. On a dry or slightly damp screen, spray or pour a minimal amount onto screen.
2. Scrub screen with a dedicated Biggee pad, or nylon brush.
3. Repeat on back of screen image. For tough to clean haze images, let sit for up to 2 minutes before cleaning.
4. Clean both sides of screen with a shop towel or pressured water.

Note: For best results, be sure to dehaze screens every time after reclaiming. Use a separate degreasing step after dehazing when working with high mesh counts (380 or more), halftones, and costly films.

Usage Tips from the Pros:

  • Use each time immediately after emulsion or stencil removal so ghost/haze will not set in the screen.
  • Great for removal of small areas of locked in emulsion.
  • Use Franmar’s Screen Degreaser to remove any residue.
  • An hour or longer may be necessary for older haze/ghost images, but Haze Remover Gel will not weaken or damage mesh.

pH Level: 8.1

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): <49%, 4.24 lb/g, 507.45 g/l

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