Easiway EasiSolv™ 601 Screen Wash & Stain Remover (For use with water based inks)


Introducing Easiway EasiSolv 601 Screen Wash & Stain Remover – your ultimate solution for effortlessly removing water-based ink from screen printing mesh. Specially designed to tackle the toughest stains, this product is your go-to choice for maintaining clean and pristine screens, ensuring top-notch print quality.


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Easiway EasiSolv™ 601 Screen Wash & Stain Remover Key Features:

  1. Top-Notch Stain Remover: EasiSolv 601 is the best stain remover for water-based inks, making it the ideal choice for printers utilizing 80% water-based inks in their printing process. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and ghost images on your screens with ease.
  2. Non-Foaming Formula: Unlike some conventional screen washes, EasiSolv 601 boasts a non-foaming formula. Enjoy a hassle-free application without dealing with excessive foam, allowing you to focus on achieving precise and flawless prints.
  3. Superior Performance: This product’s non-watermiscible property sets it apart from the rest. When mixed with water, it separates efficiently, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process without any complications.
  4. Versatility at Its Best: EasiSolv 601 is not only an exceptional water-based ink stain remover but also an excellent option for HSA/Discharge stains. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any screen printing operation.
  5. Easy Application and Clean Up: Simply apply EasiSolv 601 to the screen printing mesh and rinse it with water. Its efficient action dissolves all types of ink, making it a breeze to remove the emulsion and prepare your screens for the next print job.

Experience the power of EasiSolv 601 Screen Wash & Stain Remover and take the stress out of cleaning your screens. Whether you’re dealing with water-based inks or HSA/Discharge stains, trust EasiSolv 601 to deliver consistent, exceptional results every time. Embrace a cleaner, more efficient screen printing process with EasiSolv 601 – your ultimate solution for stain-free, pristine screens.

Technical Specifications

  1. Scrape excess ink from the screen.
  2. Apply EasiSolv 601 screen wash to the ink and print side of the screen. Scrub.
  3. Using a good high-pressure washer, spray rinse the screen starting at the bottom of the well side and work up. Give good attention to the image area of the screen. Rinse the print side of the screen.
  4. Apply an Easiway Systems, Inc. approved emulsion remover. The screen will now be ready to use.

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