ICC 926 Premium Spray Wipe


ICC 926 Spray/Wipe™ is ICC’s premium press wash, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance in cleaning plastisol ink off screens while on press. As a fast-acting and rapidly evaporating solution, ICC 926 Spray/Wipe excels in efficiently removing ink during color changes or prior to the reclaim process, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted printing operations.



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ICC 926 Premium Spray Wipe Key Features:

Unlike flammable petroleum solvents, which can inadvertently lock pigment stains into the mesh, ICC’s non-flammable Spray/Wipe works differently. It effectively puts pigments into suspension, allowing for easy removal from the mesh without causing any stains to set in.

Experience the convenience of ICC 926 Spray/Wipe as it allows you to tape right over the cleaned area immediately. This feature streamlines the screen printing process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

ICC 926 Spray/Wipe is not just limited to screen cleaning; it also efficiently removes spray tack adhesive from platens and effectively cleans inks from flood bars and squeegees. This versatile solution ensures that your equipment remains in optimal condition, contributing to consistently high-quality print results.

The fast-acting nature of ICC 926 Spray/Wipe saves valuable dwell time, making it a valuable asset in busy screen printing environments. Its non-caustic formula guarantees a safer working environment, making ICC 926 Spray/Wipe a trusted choice for screen printers concerned about safety.

Moreover, ICC 926 Spray/Wipe is drain safe for sewer systems, aligning with the standards set by regulatory agencies and demonstrating ICC’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

With optimum concentrations, ICC 926 Spray/Wipe allows you to use significantly less product compared to other chemicals, providing cost-effective and long-lasting results. Additionally, its low VOC content benefits both employees and the environment, further solidifying its status as a top-tier press wash.

Discover the exceptional quality and efficiency of ICC 926 Spray/Wipe, the ideal solution for cleaning plastisol ink off screens while on press. Streamline your screen printing process with this advanced press wash and elevate your printing operations to new heights of excellence.

Technical Specifications

Directions for using ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe on press for plastisol color changes and cleaning screens:

  1. Prepare the Press: Before starting the color change or screen cleaning process, ensure that the press is in a safe and stable condition. Make sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.
  2. Scrape Excess Ink: Scrape off any excess plastisol ink from the screen using a spatula or scraper. This will help minimize the amount of ink to be cleaned with ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe.
  3. Apply ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe: Spray or pour a small amount of ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe directly onto the ink side of the screen. For best results, apply the product in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Wipe and Agitate: Using a clean shop towel or cloth, thoroughly wipe and agitate the ink on the screen. Ensure that ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe comes into contact with all areas of the ink to effectively put the pigments into suspension.
  5. Repeat if Necessary: If there are stubborn or heavy ink deposits, repeat the application of ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe and agitate the ink until it loosens and becomes easier to remove.
  6. Wipe Flood Bars and Squeegees: To clean flood bars and squeegees, apply ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe to a clean shop towel or cloth and wipe off the ink residues.
  7. Tape Over Cleaned Area: Once the ink has been removed from the screen, you can tape over the cleaned area immediately. This allows you to proceed with the color change process without delay.
  8. Screen Drying: Allow the screen to dry thoroughly before starting the next print job. Ensure that the screen is completely dry before applying new ink to avoid any ink contamination.
  9. Clean Up: Properly dispose of any used shop towels or cloths in accordance with local regulations.

Always follow safety guidelines and use personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. ICC 926 Premium Spray/Wipe offers a safe and efficient solution for plastisol color changes and screen cleaning, making your screen printing process smoother and more productive.

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