Embroidery Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins – Enhance Your Sewing Experience


Discover Precision and Efficiency with Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins

Elevate your sewing experience with the revolutionary Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins. These pre-wound bobbins are meticulously designed to offer a seamless and uninterrupted flow of high-quality continuous filament polyester thread, ensuring your projects are executed flawlessly from start to finish.



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Key Features:

  1. Consistent Thread Flow: The innovative magnetic core within each bobbin guarantees a consistent and steady thread flow. Say goodbye to uneven stitches caused by thread interruptions, and confidently sew without the worry of running out of thread prematurely.
  2. Last Stitch Perfection: With the ability to stitch to the very last inch of thread, you can complete your projects with precision and finesse. No more abrupt stops due to thread depletion – the Steady Stitch bobbins allow you to achieve a flawless finish every time.
  3. Effortless Compatibility: These Style L prewound bobbins are expertly wound with 70D/2 polyester thread, making them perfectly compatible with a wide range of sewing applications. Whether you’re working on garments, quilts, or other fabric projects, these bobbins provide exceptional results.
  4. Optimal Quantity: Each box contains 144 bobbins, ensuring you have an ample supply of reliable bobbins at your disposal. This quantity allows you to focus on your creative process without the need for frequent bobbin changes.
  5. Long-lasting Performance: Crafted from high-quality polyester thread, these bobbins are designed to withstand the rigors of sewing and maintain their integrity over time. Expect consistent results and durable performance with every use.

Style L / White / 144 bobbins per box / 145 yd per bobbin

Elevate your sewing projects with the precision and convenience offered by Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins. Streamline your sewing process, minimize interruptions, and achieve professional-grade results with each stitch. Experience the difference of seamless, steady stitching that takes your creations to new heights of excellence.


Technical Specifications

Using Embroidery Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins is a simple and effective way to elevate your sewing experience. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your embroidery machine is properly threaded and ready for use. Make sure the bobbin area is clean and free from dust or debris.
  2. Insertion: Open the bobbin compartment of your embroidery machine and remove any previous bobbin. Take one of the Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins from the box.
  3. Orientation: Hold the prewound bobbin with the thread unwinding clockwise. This ensures that the thread will properly unwind when the machine is in operation.
  4. Placement: Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case following the machine’s specific guidelines. Make sure it fits securely and that the thread is properly guided through any tension loops or guides.
  5. Threading: Pull the thread from the prewound bobbin and guide it through the machine’s threading path according to your machine’s threading diagram. Ensure the thread goes through all necessary guides, tension discs, and needle before starting.
  6. Bobbin Case Insertion: Place the bobbin case back into the machine, ensuring it is securely locked in place. Check that the thread is properly threaded and able to unwind smoothly from the bobbin.
  7. Tension Adjustment: If needed, adjust the upper thread tension to ensure that the stitching is balanced and even. Refer to your machine’s manual for guidance on tension adjustment.
  8. Start Embroidering: Once everything is set up, you can begin your embroidery project. The Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins will provide a steady, even flow of thread, allowing you to stitch consistently and smoothly.
  9. Monitor Thread Supply: As you sew, keep an eye on the bobbin’s thread supply. The prewound bobbins contain ample thread for most projects, but it’s a good practice to check periodically to avoid running out.
  10. Finish: After completing your embroidery project, trim any excess thread and remove the finished piece from the machine.

By using Embroidery Steady Stitch Magnetic Core Style L Polyester Prewound Bobbins, you’ll experience improved stitching quality and a more efficient sewing process. Enjoy a steady flow of thread that allows you to focus on your creative projects with confidence.

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