Build A Complete Screen Printing Shop

River City Supply introduces the innovative Build-Your-Own Screen-printing Shop, a unique feature that puts you in control of customizing your business to suit your specific needs. With a comprehensive checklist, you can handpick the equipment you require from our top-notch manufacturers like Vastex, BBC, and Roq, ensuring you have access to industry-leading quality with unbeatable warranties.

Start by selecting a screen printing press, perfectly suited for imprinting your designs onto t-shirts. Customize the number of print stations and colors to match your production requirements.

Next, choose a high-quality conveyor dryer to cure the ink on shirts, ensuring long-lasting prints that withstand countless washes. Confirm that the power source is compatible with your chosen location for seamless installation.

For screen development, opt for an exposure unit that aligns with your screen size and light requirements, providing the precise results you need.

When printing multi-color designs, a flash dryer becomes indispensable for curing ink between color applications. This ensures vibrant and sharp prints with excellent color separation.

For efficient setup of multi-color jobs, a registration system is essential, speeding up the process and enhancing accuracy.

Invest in a reliable washout booth for effortless screen cleaning and rinsing, ensuring your equipment stays in top condition for consistent results.

Simplify the ink and emulsion removal process with a convenient dip tank, streamlining the reclaiming process and saving time.

To kickstart your screen-printing venture, consider our Supply Start Kit, carefully curated to provide you with the essential tools and materials necessary to get your business up and running smoothly.

With River City Supply’s Build-Your-Own Screen-printing Shop, you’re empowered to create a tailored printing setup, backed by top-quality equipment and dedicated support. Elevate your business to new heights and embrace the freedom to shape your screen printing shop your way.

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