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Introducing the ROQ Nano: Your Ultimate Compact Screen Printing Powerhouse for Tags and Small Images

With 30 years of knowledge, experience, and engineering expertise, the ROQ Nano is a powerful screen printing machine meticulously designed to cater specifically to printing tags and small images. This impressive equipment offers one configuration, featuring 10 pallets and 4 colors, making it the perfect choice for precision printing in compact areas. The maximum printing area of 200mm by 200mm is specially tailored to meet the needs of printing on tags and other small items, delivering exceptional results with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Unmatched Performance for Tags and Small Images: The ROQ Nano excels in printing tags and small images, offering unmatched performance and efficiency in handling intricate designs on smaller surfaces. With a remarkable output of 1200 pieces per hour, this machine ensures you meet demanding production requirements without compromising on quality.

Embedded Flash Units for Consistent Results: Designed with tags and small images in mind, the ROQ Nano comes equipped with specially designed flash units that are seamlessly integrated into the machine itself. These embedded flash units ensure precise and consistent ink curing, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints on various materials.

Quality, Durability, and Reliability for a Seamless Workflow: Maintaining the exceptional qualities of ROQ screen printing machines, the ROQ Nano is built with top-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability even in intensive printing environments. Its robust construction ensures a seamless workflow, providing the reliability you need to meet deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Perfect Fit for Small Printing Ventures: Tailored to the specific needs of printing tags and small images, the compact design of the ROQ Nano allows it to fit through standard doors effortlessly. Its 800mm wide base ensures easy mobility and convenient placement in smaller printing shops or as a complementary addition to larger printing setups.

Advanced Control and Customization: Precision printing requires precise control, and the ROQ Nano delivers just that. Each print head features an independent control panel, granting you full command over the printing process. The central elevation system enables seamless adjustments, while the option to choose between a “U” clamp or pin system pneumatic screen holder provides versatility for various printing needs.

Easy Maintenance and Worldwide Support: To maximize your printing time, the ROQ Nano is designed for low maintenance needs, allowing it to spend more time producing flawless prints. In the rare event of parts replacement, the worldwide post-service network ensures fast and efficient support, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Boost Your Business with the ROQ Nano: For tag and small image printing ventures, the ROQ Nano is the ultimate solution. Packed with power, precision, and efficiency, this marvelous screen printing machine revolutionizes your printing capabilities, allowing you to elevate your business and establish a reputation for top-notch quality and customer satisfaction. Embrace the ROQ Nano, and watch your printing possibilities expand beyond imagination.

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Key Features of the ROQ Nano:

  1. Aluminum Honeycomb Pallets: The ROQ Nano is equipped with sturdy and lightweight aluminum honeycomb pallets, providing a stable and reliable surface for precise printing. This innovative design ensures exceptional print registration and consistency.
  2. Squeegees with Pneumatic Movement: Enjoy effortless and smooth squeegee movements with the ROQ Nano’s pneumatic movement system. This feature allows for precise control over the squeegee speed, ensuring optimal print quality.
  3. Independent Control Panel on All Print Heads: Each print head on the ROQ Nano features its own independent control panel, providing convenient and individualized control over the printing process. This user-friendly setup simplifies adjustments and customization for different printing tasks.
  4. Choice of Pneumatic Screen Holder: “U” Clamp or Pin System: The ROQ Nano offers the flexibility to choose between a “U” clamp or pin system pneumatic screen holder. This option allows you to use your preferred screen attachment method, adapting to your specific printing needs.
  5. Print Head Central Elevation: The central elevation system of the ROQ Nano ensures swift and precise adjustments, enabling seamless print head positioning for accurate registration and consistent prints.
  6. Frequency Drive Rotation System: The ROQ Nano features a frequency drive rotation system that enables quick and smooth indexing between printing positions. This technology enhances the overall printing speed and efficiency.
  7. Print Heads with High-Lift Position: The ROQ Nano’s print heads can be positioned in a high-lift position, making screen cleaning quick and hassle-free. This feature optimizes maintenance times, allowing you to focus on printing rather than setup or cleaning.
  8. Central Control Panel with Polychromatic LCD Touch Screen: The ROQ Nano is equipped with a central control panel featuring a polychromatic LCD touch screen. This intuitive interface provides comprehensive control over the entire printing machine, ensuring a streamlined and efficient operation.
  9. Micro Registration Screen System with Vernier Scale: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with the ROQ Nano’s micro registration screen system, complete with a vernier scale. This meticulous registration system allows for precise alignment of colors and designs, resulting in impeccable multi-color prints.
  10. Individual Controls for Managing Print and Flood Speed, Height, and Angle of the Squeegees, and Stroke Length: Enjoy full control over the printing process with individual controls for print and flood speed, squeegee height, angle, and stroke length. This level of customization empowers you to tailor the machine settings for different printing tasks and substrates, ensuring optimal results every time.

In summary, the ROQ Nano packs a range of advanced features into its compact design, guaranteeing high-quality prints and efficiency for small-scale printing ventures. Whether you’re printing on tags, sleeves, or small images, the ROQ Nano’s precision and versatility make it an indispensable addition to your printing setup.

Technical Specifications

Number of Colors (max.) 4
Number of Pallets 10
Number of Flash Cure connection units (optional 4
Maximum Cure Size (mm/inch) 200×200 / 7.9″x7.9″
Maximum Print Size (mm/inch) 200×200 / 7.9″x7.9″
Maximum Screen Size (mm/inch) 330×500 / 13″x19.7″
Maximum Frame Profile / Thickness(mm/inch) 30×30 / 1.2″x 1.2″
Index Precision (mm/inch) ± 0.025 / 0.001″
Maximum Production (pieces/h) 1200
Compressed Air Consumption (7 bar / 102 psi)** 250 l/min – 8.9 cfm + Number of Each Printhead
Maximum Consumption (kVA)*** 2
Machine Diameter (mm/inch) 2180 / 7.2′
Total Height (mm/feet) 2150 / 7′
Minimum Width of the base (mm/feet) 800 / 2.6′

* one squeegee with flooding.
** each printhead consumption: 60l/min | 2.11cfm in 20 pieces/min.
*** these values exclude the consumption with flash-curing, they should be calculated separately, taking into account the number and model of the flash cure employed on the machine.
– power supply: 220V, 3x220V, 3x400V – 50Hz or 60Hz.
– the machine is delivered completely assembled.

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