Vastex E200 High Output LED Exposure Unit – 23″x31″


Introducing the Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your screen printing process. This exposure unit combines advanced LED technology with precision engineering to provide exceptional results and simplify your workflow.

The E200 features a large 23″x31″ (58×79 cm) exposure area, making it suitable for a wide range of screen sizes and printing applications. With this generous size, you can easily handle multiple screens simultaneously, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, the E200 ensures accurate and consistent exposure times for your screens. LED technology offers improved exposure control, reducing the risk of under or overexposure, and delivering crisp, high-quality results every time. Say goodbye to traditional exposure units’ heat and bulb-related issues, and embrace the reliability and long-lasting performance of LED lighting.

This exposure unit boasts user-friendly digital controls, allowing precise adjustments to the exposure time for different emulsions and screen types. The intuitive interface simplifies the exposure process, ensuring consistency and repeatability in your printing projects.

The Vastex E200 is built with durability and convenience in mind. Its rugged construction and robust components ensure reliable performance for years to come. The unit’s compact footprint saves valuable workspace, making it an ideal choice for studios and shops with limited space.

Experience improved efficiency and exceptional exposure results with the Vastex E200 LED Exposure Unit. Embrace the benefits of advanced LED technology, accurate exposure times, and user-friendly controls to elevate your screen printing endeavors. Whether you are a seasoned printer or a newcomer to the industry, the Vastex E200 is your reliable partner for precise, hassle-free screen exposure. Take your screen printing to new heights with the Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit.



Key Features of the Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit:

  • Ultra-Fast Exposure Times: Benefit from rapid exposure times, comparable to metal halide units, ensuring quick and efficient screen preparation.
  • High-Resolution Detail: With the E200, achieve exceptional detail and halftones at 85 lpi, guaranteeing superior print quality for your designs.
  • Low Energy Consumption: The E200 operates at a fraction of the power required for metal halide units, providing energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • 50,000+ Hour Bulb Life: Enjoy the long-lasting performance of LED lights, offering over 50,000 hours of continuous use for reliable and consistent results.
  • Fast: The E200 is capable of exposing screens as quickly as metal halide units, streamlining your screen printing process.
  • Efficient: Operate the E200 at just 20% of the power required for traditional metal halide units, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Smart: The E200 features a one-touch auto control and an angled control panel for user-friendly operation, making exposure adjustments a breeze.
  • Powerful: Benefit from excellent screen-to-film contact with the vacuum hold-down feature, ensuring precise and accurate exposure results.
  • Compact: The slim design of the E200 allows for easy mounting on a drying cabinet, saving valuable workspace in your screen printing studio.
  • Expose: The E200 works seamlessly with any emulsion, providing versatility and flexibility for your screen printing projects.
  • Durable: Built to withstand the challenges of plastisol, water-based, and solvent-based inks, the E200 is a reliable and long-lasting exposure solution.
  • Guaranteed: Vastex offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and a 5-year warranty on the LED lights, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your investment.

Upgrade your screen exposure process with the Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit. Experience the benefits of ultra-fast exposure times, high-resolution detail, and low energy consumption with the latest LED technology. The E200’s smart and efficient design, coupled with its durability and compatibility with any emulsion, makes it the perfect choice for screen printers seeking exceptional results and reliability. Trust in Vastex’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with the E200 LED Exposure Unit.

The Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit comes with a range of options to enhance your screen printing experience:

  1. Voltage Options: Choose between 120V or 240V configurations, allowing flexibility in power supply compatibility.
  2. High-Strength Utility Cart: Opt for the high-strength utility cart to conveniently transport and store your exposure unit, ensuring ease of use and portability.
  3. S1-27 and S1-27-DEMT Stand with Wheels: Add the optional S1-27 or S1-27-DEMT stand with wheels to elevate your exposure unit to a comfortable working height and facilitate easy movement around your workspace.
  4. DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet with Air Circulation: Enhance your screen preparation process with the DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet, featuring air circulation to expedite drying times and ensure your screens are ready for exposure quickly.
  5. DRI-VAULT Screen Drying Cabinet with Heated Air: For even faster and controlled screen drying, consider the DRI-VAULT Screen Drying Cabinet with heated air, providing an optimal environment for efficient screen preparation.
  6. International Power Cords Available: For international customers, Vastex offers a selection of international power cords, ensuring compatibility with various power systems around the world.

These optional features and accessories complement the Vastex E200 LED Exposure Unit, allowing you to tailor your setup to meet specific printing requirements and enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Whether you need mobility, screen drying solutions, or international power compatibility, Vastex provides the options to meet your needs and elevate your screen printing process to new heights. With Vastex’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust in the reliability and performance of your chosen options for the Vastex E200 23″x31″ LED Exposure Unit.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for the Vastex E200 2331 Exposure Unit:

  1. Exposure Area: 23” x 31” (58 x 78 cm)
  2. Maximum Screen Size: 25” x 36” (63 x 91 cm)
  3. Image Area: 16” x 33” (58 x 83 cm)
  4. UV Source Quantity: (3) 30” (76 cm) VLB-30 LED light bars
  5. Screen Vacuum/Compression Source: 1/16 HP Pump 24 hg Max
  6. Power & Plug Specifications:120V / 60 HZ / 3.5A NEMA 5-15P or 240V / 50/60 HZ / 2A NEMA 6-15P
  7. Overall Depth x Width x Height: 41.6 x 36.2 x 17″ (105.7 x 92 x 44 cm) Lid Open 41.6 x 36.2 x 32″ (105.7 x 92 x 82 cm)
  8. Overall Weight – Uncrated: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)

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