ROQ E Electric Press: Advancing Screen Printing Technology

Introducing the ROQ E Electric Automatic Screen Printing Press

Revolutionize your screen printing workflow with the groundbreaking ROQ E Electric, the industry’s first self-contained automatic screen printing machine. This innovative press redefines convenience, efficiency, and versatility in the world of screen printing.

No External Air Supply Required Say goodbye to the hassle of external air supply systems. The ROQ E Electric is engineered for seamless operation without the need for additional air connections. Simply plug in and start printing.

Built-in Ultra Air Compressor Featuring an ultra-efficient built-in air compressor, this press only demands an electric connection to unleash its full potential. Experience consistent and reliable air pressure throughout your printing process.

Customizable Stations and Colors Tailor the ROQ E to your specific needs. Choose from 8 or 10 stations and enjoy the flexibility of up to 8 colors. Whether you’re working on small runs or large orders, the ROQ E adapts effortlessly to your production requirements.

Sleeve Printing Made Easy The ROQ E comes equipped with low-profile pallet arms, making sleeve printing a breeze. Achieve precise and professional results with ease, expanding your printing capabilities.

Impressive Speed and Efficiency Produce up to 900 pieces per hour with the ROQ E Electric, significantly boosting your productivity. Say hello to faster turnarounds and increased output, all while maintaining exceptional print quality.

Maintenance-Friendly Design Keeping your press in top shape is a breeze. The ROQ E’s design prioritizes maintenance ease, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime for your printing business.

Compact Footprint Worried about space constraints? The ROQ E boasts a small footprint, making it a perfect fit for home garages or limited workspace environments. Maximize your efficiency without sacrificing space.

Experience the future of screen printing with the ROQ E Electric Automatic Screen Printing Press. Elevate your business, streamline your workflow, and unlock new printing possibilities like never before. Make the smart choice for your printing needs – choose ROQ E Electric.

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ROQ E Electric Key Features:

  • Up to 900 pieces per hour
  • No external air supply required
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Low profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing

Technical Specifications

Press Model: P08C06 M

  • Number of Colors (max.): 6
  • Number of Pallets: 8
  • Max. Number of Flash Cure Units: 3
  • Maximum Consumption (kVA): 5.5
  • Machine Diameter (mm/ft): 3600 mm / 11.8 ft
  • Total Height (mm/ft): 2322 mm / 7.6 ft
  • Minimum Base Width (mm/ft): 1170 mm / 3.8 ft
  • Machine Weight (kg/pounds): 1150 kg / 2535 pounds

Press Model: P10C08 M

  • Number of Colors (max.): 8
  • Number of Pallets: 10
  • Max. Number of Flash Cure Units: 4
  • Connections (Optional): 6
  • Maximum Consumption (kVA): 6
  • Machine Diameter (mm/ft): 3900 mm / 12.8 ft
  • Total Height (mm/ft): 2400 mm / 7.9 ft
  • Minimum Base Width (mm/ft): 1170 mm / 3.8 ft
  • Machine Weight (kg/pounds): 1200 kg / 2646 pounds

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