Roq Oval Run Screen Printing Machine: The Ultimate Companion to Digital Printing Innovation

Introducing the Roq Oval Run Screen Printing Machine: Redefining Precision and Efficiency in Printing – Your Perfect Companion for Digital Printing and the Roq Hybrid System

Experience the pinnacle of screen printing technology with the Roq Oval Run, a state-of-the-art machine designed to elevate your printing process to new heights. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this machine seamlessly combines innovation, durability, and user-friendly features to transform your printing operations.

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Roq Oval Run Screen Printing Machine Key Features:

  1. Aluminum Honeycomb Pallets: Engineered for stability and longevity, our aluminum honeycomb pallets provide a reliable foundation for your printing projects. Their lightweight yet robust design ensures consistent results with every print.
  2. Electric Squeegees with AC Variator: Embrace precise control over your printing process with squeegees featuring electric movement and an AC variator. Adjust your squeegee’s speed effortlessly to match your unique printing requirements.
  3. Independent Control Panel: Unlock unparalleled flexibility with an individual control panel for each print head. Seamlessly manage settings and configurations, allowing you to tailor each print to perfection.
  4. Pneumatic Screen Holder Options: Choose between the “U” clamp or pin system for your pneumatic screen holder, catering to your preferences and ensuring secure screen placement for accurate prints.
  5. Independent Print Head Elevation: Customize your printing setup with independent print head elevation. Achieve optimal alignment and consistent print quality across different designs.
  6. AC Servo-Motor Rotation System: Benefit from a reliable and smooth rotation system powered by an AC servo-motor, ensuring precise and consistent movement for each print.
  7. High-Lift Position for Quick Screen Cleaning: Simplify maintenance and cleaning with print heads featuring a high-lift position. Swiftly access and clean screens, minimizing downtime between prints.
  8. Central Control Panel with Touch Screen: Manage your printing operations effortlessly using the central control panel equipped with a vibrant 10-inch polychromatic LCD touch screen. Navigate settings and options with intuitive ease.
  9. Micro Registration Screen System: Achieve impeccable registration accuracy with the micro registration screen system, complete with a vernier scale. Fine-tune your prints with unparalleled precision.
  10. Individual Controls for Print and Flood: Take charge of your print speed, flood speed, squeegee height, angle, and stroke length individually. Tailor every aspect of your prints to your exact specifications.
  11. Flash Cure Unit Placement: Enhance efficiency by situating the Flash Cure units under the print head. Streamline the printing process without compromising on quality.
  12. Expandable Configuration: Anticipate growth and expansion with the Roq Oval Run’s capability to accommodate more colors and stations. Scale your operations as your business thrives.

The Perfect Companion for Digital Printing and the Roq Hybrid System:

The Roq Oval Run isn’t just a screen printing machine; it’s a versatile tool that seamlessly integrates with digital printing and the Roq Hybrid System. Experience a harmonious blend of traditional screen printing and cutting-edge digital technology, empowering you to diversify your offerings and explore new creative horizons.

Elevate your printing game with the Roq Oval Run Screen Printing Machine, where cutting-edge technology meets ergonomic design. Experience unparalleled control, consistency, and quality in every print. Dominate the world of screen printing with the Roq Oval Run – a testament to excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.

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