Clear Registration Tape for Screen Printing – Optically Clear, 16″ x 100 Yard Roll

R Tape

How much valuable time and resources are consumed while aligning your press and going through numerous t-shirts or test pellons during the registration process? If you’re seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your screen printing registration workflow, our Clear Registration Tape is an ideal solution for your workshop.

Clear Registration Tape simplifies your process. Applied over your base print or outline color, this tape offers a tactile surface for direct plastisol ink printing. After printing, a swift glance will instantly indicate your registration status. And if adjustments are needed, a quick wipe with a cloth and a touch of solvent removes the ink, leaving room for reprints.

Consider Clear Registration Tape as your screen printing’s dry erase board. It dramatically saves your time, eliminating the need to re-print and flash your underbase or outline if registration is off. Economically, it’s a smart choice too, as a single piece of tape replaces multiple test pellons or test shirts.

Revolutionize your screen printing precision with Clear Registration Tape. Streamline your process, enhance accuracy, and cut down on wastage. Elevate your craftsmanship and minimize costs with this innovative solution that makes every print count. Clear Registration Tape – where efficiency meets savings.


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Clear Registration Tape for Screen Printing Key Features:

  • Ample Coverage: With a substantial 16″ x 100 yard roll, you have the length you need to efficiently tackle various screen printing projects, minimizing interruptions for roll changes.
  • Optical Precision: Enjoy the benefits of optimal clarity. The optically clear nature of this tape enables precise alignment, ensuring your designs are positioned accurately for consistent and professional results.
  • Ink Retention Excellence: The bevelled surface design is crafted for ink retention. This unique feature enhances the tape’s ability to hold ink effectively, preventing smudging and ensuring your prints come out clean and sharp.

Elevate your screen printing game with these standout features. The size, optical clarity, and ink retention capabilities of this tape work together seamlessly, optimizing your workflow and empowering you to produce top-quality prints with ease.

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