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Introducing Printers Choice Bright White, High Opacity Plastisol Ink – the perfect solution for achieving brilliance in screen printing. Our Non-Phthalate Bright White Plastisol is thoughtfully formulated to ensure exceptional printability across a range of applications, specifically for 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. Whether you’re using a manual or automatic setup, this ink delivers reliable performance that you can count on.

With excellent opacity and a bright white hue, Printers Choice Bright White is an excellent option for a variety of printing needs. Its matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to your prints, while its versatility allows it to smoothly pass through fine meshes, ensuring intricate details are captured effectively.

Printers Choice Bright White is designed to meet, and even surpass, industry standards. Its capabilities span from serving as an under base flash white to an overprint stand-alone white. You’ll appreciate its ability to prevent fiber matting and its subdued gloss level, which maintains the visual impact of your prints.


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Printers Choice Bright White Key Features:

  • Optimal brightness for eye-catching prints
  • Subtle matte finish for an elegant touch
  • Suitable for fine mesh printing
  • Functions as an under-base flash white or stand-alone overprint white
  • Displays impressive bleed resistance
  • Minimal odor for a comfortable printing experience

Application & Storage Information:

  • Recommended Fabrics: Ideal for light-colored 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. If printing on 100% polyester, consider using a blocker under the base for best results.
  • Ink Application: Best results come from printing colors without modifications.  For thinning, a Curable Reducer (1% to 5% by volume) is recommended.
  • Screen Mesh & Emulsion: Optimal outcomes with mesh counts ranging from 110 to 305. Use direct or indirect lacquer-resistant emulsion along with 35 to 70-micron capillary film.
  • Squeegee: Choose between 60-70 Durometer Sharp Edge or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer Sharp Edge for effective application.
  • Cure Temperature: Standard curing temperature of 325 degrees for one to one and a half minutes. Perform dryer temperature and wash tests during production.
  • Clean-up: Use Screen Wash 147 or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash for easy cleanup.
  • Storage: Keep ink containers sealed and stored between 65F to 90F (18C to 32C), avoiding direct sunlight exposure for optimal preservation.
  • Printers Choice Bright White elevates your screen printing projects with unmatched vibrancy. Experience quality that sets new standards while making your designs come to life.

Technical Specifications

Printers Choice Plastisol Ink Application:

  1. Substrates: Ideal for 100% Cotton and Cotton/Blends. For printing on 100% polyester, using a blocker is highly recommended to prevent dye migration and achieve optimal outcomes. Prior to printing, ensure the material is clean and devoid of contaminants.
  1. Mesh Selection: Select meshes ranging from 86 – 305 Monofilaments based on the desired ink deposit and design intricacy.
  1. Gel Temperature (Gel Temp.): Ensure your ink attains a gel temperature of 155° – 165°F, confirming proper gelling before moving to the fusion stage.
  1. Fusion: Cure the ink at a starting temperature of 325°F for a minimum of 1 minute 30 seconds. To expedite curing, higher temperatures can be used. However, temperatures exceeding 300°F heighten the risk of dye migration, potentially affecting print quality.
  1. Application Technique: Adopt the direct printing method. The ink’s high opacity allows effective wet-on-wet printing. Confirm proper gelling before overprinting each layer.
  1. Ink Modification: For ink adjustments, a range of additives is available, including curable reducer, process clear, stretch additive, fashion base, finesse base, and more. To delve deeper into each additive, visit this link: Plastisol Inks Additives.

Storage Information: Store Plastisol Ink safely between 65-90°F (18-32°C). Avoid direct sunlight to maintain ink consistency and efficacy. For peak performance, use the ink within one year of its manufacturing date.

Plastisol Ink Features: Non-phthalate: Eco-friendly formulation. High opacity: Create vibrant prints with minimal ink layers. Low cure: Allows curing at lower temperatures. High-speed: Designed for rapid printing with excellent wet on wet performance. Reliability: Consistent ink prevents drying within screens or buckets, ensuring extended and smooth printing sessions.

Note: Always begin with pre-testing before full production to achieve desired results and minimize waste. After printing, consistently test material to ensure thorough fusion for print durability and quality.

River City Supply and its affiliates are not liable for product misuse. The printer is solely responsible for testing ink for expected outcomes prior to full production. For printing on 100% polyester, using a blocker is recommended to mitigate dye migration.

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