Printers Choice Plastisol Color Cards – Low Cure Formula for Optimal Screen Printing

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New for 2022 our current color cards. Includes newly added plastisol colors.


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Printers Choice Plastisol Ink Key Features:

  • Bold & Vibrant Colors: Our ink promises not just color, but depth and vibrancy, ensuring each print stands out.
  • Opaque Consistency: With the Printers Choice increased opacity, you reach desired color levels faster, even when using fine mesh screens. This not only ensures top-notch prints but also saves ink, thereby saving money.
  • Creamy Texture: Our specially formulated inks have a creamy consistency, making them perfect for seamless prints every time.
  • Low Cure Formula: Experience efficiency like never before with our new low cure formulas. They allow inks to fully cure at temperatures as low as 280 degrees, optimizing the printing process by reducing the risk of dye migration and boosting productivity.
  • Soft Hand Prints: Despite its vibrancy and opacity, the ink lends a soft feel to the prints, ensuring they feel as good as they look.
  • Matte Finish: Add a touch of sophistication to your prints with our matte finish, perfect for a modern and refined look.
  • Wet-on-Wet Printing: Our ink supports wet-on-wet printing, eliminating the need for flashing and ensuring a smooth, efficient printing process for professionals. Furthermore, adding a curable reducer will further enhance the printing process, allowing for optimal results.
  • Short Flash Times: Spend less time waiting and more time printing with our reduced flash times and lower cure temperatures.
  • Non-Phthalate Composition: Keeping in mind the safety and environmental concerns, our LB Series Plastisol Ink is non-phthalate, ensuring a safer printing environment.

Choose Printers Choice LB Series Plastisol Ink, where premium quality meets unmatched efficiency. Every print, every color, every time.

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