Printers Choice Adhesive Transfer Powder – Boosts Opacity and Adhesion in DTF Film and Plastisol Transfers

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Adhesive Transfer Powder:

Elevate your heat transfer projects with Printers Choice Adhesive Transfer Powder, a finely ground adhesive resin designed to enhance both DTF printing and screen printing transfers. This specialized powder is meticulously crafted to boost heat transfer opacity and adhesion, ensuring your designs adhere seamlessly to a variety of surfaces.

To use, simply mirror print your image onto transfer paper. Then, generously sift Printers Choice Transfer Powder over the entire image. Hold the paper by the edge and let the excess powder gracefully fall away, leaving you with a superior transfer that stands out for its quality and durability. Choose Printers Choice Adhesive Transfer Powder to take your heat transfer projects to the next level.



Key Features for Printers Choice Transfer Powder:

Enhanced Adhesion: Printers Choice Transfer Powder is meticulously crafted with a finely ground adhesive resin, purpose-built to significantly improve heat transfer opacity and adhesion, especially on challenging-to-print substrates.

Versatile Compatibility: Transfers produced with Printers Choice powder exhibit exceptional compatibility with a wide range of fabrics. This includes polyester/nylon double knits, mesh jerseys, and various headwear items. Please note that this product is not recommended for use on nylon shell jackets.

Flexible Ink, Mesh, and Emulsion Compatibility: Achieve optimal results with Printers Choice Transfer Powder by using low mesh screens. This product seamlessly pairs with both direct and indirect emulsion methods, offering flexibility and convenience for your printing needs.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturing Technique:
Screen mirror image onto paper and sift a generous amount of TP powder over entire image. Lift transfer by one side to allow excess powder to fall off and gently tap the back side of the paper to assure powder has only adhered to the image.  Gel transfer to approximately 240 degrees F.

Application Technique:
1. Preheat substrate for 2-4 seconds.
2. Apply transfer for 10 seconds at 350 degrees F – medium pressure (35-40psi).
3. Cool paper before peeling.
*NOTE: when applying to caps or other non-washable items, apply at 300 degrees for highest detail and opacity.

Keep TP powder in a sealed container and dry environment. Excessive exposure to humidity will adversely affect adhesion.

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